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Angels Are Amongst Us

by aryr

Are Angels amongst us? Absolutely. This was made clear to me as a Hospice Nurse. Time and time again, I was to sit at the bedside as my patient die. Many times I have heard- Grandma has kicked the bucket, Grandma has passed on, Grandma has deceased.

Reality was that Grandma had died, as simple as that. Let her go.

After the family had given their permission to the patient to go. Several times I would hear the patient exclaim the beauty of the lady in white. She was so beautiful and had a peaceful glow to her. She was special.

The lady in white was multiracial, she appeared as a Black person, as a White person, as a Native person, as an Asian person or as an Indian person as in India. Regardless, of all of my conscious patients they reported that this was a peaceful person who took their hand to lead them to God.

Many times, the patient also said that they saw their favorite pet- a dog or a cat or a bird that seemed to respond to their calls. I would see the person pet their animal as if it were real. To them, it truly is real, it is their baby.

Several incidents were also of those who had previously died, were in the background or behind the angel, awaiting and silently calling out to her/him. The patient would reach out to them, calling them by name.

Who really knows what happens at the moment of death? Was there a Lady in white? Did they reach out to people?

My answer to that is that we don't really know. We can only assume that these people who are dying received some closure, some peace. I for one prefer to believe in the great beyond. I can only refer to my experiences and those of my dying patient.

Blessed be...

Angels Amongst Us writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Describe a true life experience where you believe an angel saved your life. It can be your own experience or someone that you know. 300-500 words.

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