Spiritual Non-Fiction posted February 19, 2022

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I believe angels intervene in all of our lives.

More Common Than You Think

by BethShelby

I believe there are unseen beings all around us, and God’s angels are here to protect us. I’ve had many supernatural things happen in my life. I have written about several of them.
There was the time my aunt saw a man dressed in white on the hillside overlooking our house, just before a tornado stuck, destroying our home. My mother and I were taken into the air and put gently back down unharmed. 

I was ten at the time, and Mom and I clung to each other, as the house around us shattered. The noise was deafening. I felt we were being sucked into the air. My mom had the sensation of gently floating and hearing a fluttering sound. Then, we apparently both lost consciousness for a few seconds. Without feeling any impact, we both opened our eyes and found ourselves sitting upright on a rafter which was lying across two piles of rubble. Neither of us had a bruise or scratch.

Another time, an unseen force took over control of the steering wheel when my daughter was learning to drive. Frozen in fear with her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake, the car was about to crash into another car, which had stopped suddenly in front of us. The steering wheel was yanked from her hand and driven through a yard with many trees and brought safely back onto the street on the other side of the parked vehicle. We didn’t see a thing, but it was a wild ride we’ll never forget. There were no tracks left in yard. Gasping in amazement, I asked, “How on earth did you drive through that yard without hitting anything?" 

“Me?” my ashen-faced daughter answered. “I thought you were driving. Something grabbed the wheel. I wasn’t driving.”

These are only two of the more sensational times when I’ve felt there had to be an angel present. Often an unexpected delay has kept me from being where an accident was about to occur. I think these things happen to all of us. Too often, we are quick to shrug off things which seem to have no logical explanation. It confuses our minds to try to make sense of it.

I know accidents happen to God-fearing people, and nothing intervenes to prevent it. There may be another reason. My grandmother would have explained it by saying, “It was just their time.” She’d had her own near-death experience as a girl, and had been told by an angel, it wasn’t her time.

God’s ways are higher than ours. We can only trust him and believe He works in our behalf, and even when there is no intervention, there must be a reason. One day, perhaps we learn the answer.

Angels Amongst Us writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Describe a true life experience where you believe an angel saved your life. It can be your own experience or someone that you know. 300-500 words.

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