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Family Story contest entry


by DragonSkulls

"I could murder you all!" That's what the man pointing
the gun at my family yelled. He broke in while we were
all at the table having dinner. "But seeing as how it's
Easter, I won't."

After he left with only the silverware we were using, we
heard a loud crash. While running from the house with
our forks and spoons, he tripped over our pet possum,
hitting his head on the driveway rocks. It had broken his

Even though he just robbed us of our silverware, we
called 911.

Within the time it took for them to respond, he started a
conversation with my oldest daughter. It turns out they
were born just one day apart.

By the time the ambulance had arrived, they were madly in
love. As they loaded him on the gurney, Wendy wept. The
robber, Brad, reached out his hand toward me and said,
"Please forgive me...Dad."

I had already accepted him as my son. "I do, Brad."

 Loading him in the back of the ambulance, one of the
paramedics yelled, "We're losing him!"

"Nooooo!" My daughter cried as she went to be by his side but
the other medic stopped her.

"That's my son-in-law," I yelled. "Let my daughter..."

The first paramedic interrupted, "We lost him. I'm sorry,
everyone, we just lost him. He's dead."

My son fell to his knees on the pavement. "Why? Why, Lord?
He was the best brother-in-law I ever had. Why?"

After all the crying and the acceptance that our beloved
Brad was gone, we picked up the stolen silverware and
went back in the house.

The Easter dinner was already cold but we all still sat down
and ate it, knowing that's what Brad would have wanted.

A tear fell from my daughter's face into her mashed
potatoes. My wife tried consoling her. "We all dearly loved
him, sweetie. But now he's just a spirit of the Lord. I'm sure
he'll be there waiting for you."

Wendy looked at my wife and said, "I hope so, Mom."

Afterwards, I went into my study and wrote about what
just happened. I entered it into a contest on a writing
site. I thought about using some sad, well known, song from
YouTube to enhance the piece, but then I decided not to
because Brad would have seen that as cheating and I just
couldn't do that to him.


~ Family Story ~ (fiction) writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
~ Family Story ~ (fiction)
Write a fiction story ~Read all rules!
400 word maximum
No vulgar words, sexual terms, murder, ghosts, or profanity allowed
No references to any political figures, past or present, such as same names or political parties/ideas such as Marxism--no warnings allowed
Story is to be about humans
No Christmas stories or adoption/birth of children, or a human in the hospital/hospice care with little time left to live
No writing, animation, music included with one picture allowed
Black font only

If there was a category for ridiculous, I would have put it under that. Lol.
Thanks for reading.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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