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Fourteen Years Together

Such a Wonderful Pet

by Henry Woodward

For Lady Heather II
My Cat

Lady Heather II is slipping away,
She hasn't eaten in over five days.
She's also not drinking water,
Quickly passing are her usual ways.

She's barely able to walk,
As she wanders from place to place.
There's very little muscle on her bones,
And her eyes are sinking into her face.

Now and then, she collapses,
Growing weaker with time.
She still seems to know me,
Her whole life, she's been mine.

I remember when I first saw her,
A three-month-old kitten so cute.
She'd only stop playing to eat or sleep,
Like all kittens, she was a hoot.

When she was six months, we made a road trip,
I sold everything and headed South.
Two and a half months from Vancouver, WA, to Mazatlan,
My Dodge Van was our only house.

It was a fifteen-passenger with the seats removed,
There was no lacking of space.
Every few hours, I would let Heather roam,
And every night, we'd discover a new place.

It took four nights to reach Tijuana,
And we stayed there for about a week.
Then it was back on the road due South,
Time to scratch my traveling feet.

For the next two months, the story was the same,
Stopping every couple of hours along the way.
Heather would explore our nightly stops,
As I watched to ensure a safe stay.

We reached as far as Mazatlan,
Traveling twelve hundred miles more.
There we found a home and our other cats,
Not knowing what was in store.

After spending eight years in Mazatlan,
There were six more years in our Washington State home.
She's only fourteen, and it's oh so sad,
How our time together has flown.

She was the "Domina" of my "Gang of Five,"
After her poems, I introduce them, each one.
We all found each other over the years,
In the following poem, I explain how it was done.

Now our adventure is almost over,
Lady Heather's last moments are set.
All I can say is "Thank you, God,"
For sending Such a Wonderful Pet.

December 29, 2020
4:30 pm

Lady Heather passed the day after I wrote this,
December 30, 2020 at 2:00pm.
She's buried here at home in the backyard.

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My wonderful Lady Heather II. I had her mother for nineteen years and her for fourteen.
Thirty-three years with my feline family, almost half my life.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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