War and History Poetry posted January 11, 2022

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Poem on a potential nuclear war and it's aftermath.

Doom of our Time

by Aaqib Naeem

I can sense it draw near

I can foresee it with conviction

I can hear it through whispers across the land

I can feel it in its preliminary state

Far as the eye can see; a shadow looms forth

All our progress is not worth a dime;

Compared to the impending doom of our time!

The arrogance of man can not be matched

The ego of man can not be silenced

The greed of man knows no end

The righteousness of man is a double-edged sword

The heart of man is not incorruptible

The mind of man its very prison

Together they shall combine and fail us

Our strengths, weaknesses and the misplaced ideals

Together they shall combine and impale us

On a spear made by our own two hands.

Leaders of glorious nations will mistake it for a last resort

An option that should have never been an option

And yes, they shall all have their reasons

They shall all have their stories

They shall all have their interests

They shall all have their justifications

And together; they shall blow us away to a nuclear hell!

A barren, cold wasteland under the merciless sun

Devoid of the green that made it lovable

Shell-shocked by the madness of man

Whose reasons shall not matter under that new sky

Precious few of the remaining specie

Shall suffer the aftermath of humanity's failure

An era of unprecedented progress

Shall hail the rule of another stone age

They say that a long, bleak winter will follow this doom


It will simply be a different kind of hell.

Originally written in 2019...edited: Jan 11, 2022.

Incoming writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
A nuclear missile has just been launched. Who what when where why how? What happens next?

Author's notes:

I wrote this one about 3 years ago and was inspired from a short research paper on WMDs(weapons of mass destruction) I submitted for one of my Political Sciences courses. This will come forward as an extremely pessimistic view of the situation but as long as this END remains a statistical probability and within the realms of possibility; I'll stand by it. This contest itself was a pleasant surprise and I am glad that I can share this one as a contest entry.

I don't want a political debate on this and nor do I wish to get into the entire "who started it/who'll potentially start it" discussion. Fact is that 8 countries have the capability and another one keeps trying. Whichever one of these slips/messes up, it will likely set off a chain reaction of chaos that we, the people of this earth, shall be unable to control.

History and it's countless wars provide sufficient evidence that we are more than capable of destroying each other even without the nuclear threat looming overhead. Bomb the hell out of each other all you want but pleaseâ?¦do it the normal way. Keep the biological/chemical/nuclear elements out of your self-serving or even the most righteous narratives. We are humans...we err...best to do it on a smaller scale.

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