General Fiction posted November 29, 2021

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A bloody good service

Moldy Maids

by AliMom

Moldy Maids Cleaning Service

*****  by user The Count - It's such a comfort to know that there's always someone there to pull the stake out and dust the place.

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I gave this service ***** - blah, blah, the service is anything but blah. Your maids are discreet, loyal, and protective. I never have to worry about pulling the drapes when I get home in the daytime anymore. The sunburn, it's a killer, I want to tell you. They know how to handle pesky salespeople and neighbors like the Van Helsings, and they make wonderful midnight snacks.

Response from Seller (Moldy Maids): We appreciate your endorsement of our cleaning service Moldy Maids. Generally, our employees don't provide protective services or make meals. They just clean. And at midnight? Could you have them contact us at the end of their shifts? None of them have returned to collect their checks. Should we forward to your address?

Buyer Update: Cooking? Who said anything about cooking? I said they make wonderful midnight snacks. Yes, forward the checks. It's a big castle. I may need to order two more very soon.
Big bonus, by the way, they seem to have completely taken care of my insect and rodent infestation!

NOV Horror: Scary Online Review contest entry

Nobody ever seems to complain when the reviews are good. I suppose the workers might if they could.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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