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Family Story (fiction) contest entry

The Perfect Day

by DragonSkulls

It was a beautiful, sunny morning, so the whole family decided it
would be the perfect day for a picnic. Both of the children jumped for
joy, dancing in circles, laughing and singing, "Picnic, picnic, picnic."

My wife said she would make us all our favorite sandwiches along
with some potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, and any other
trimmings we so desired. She added that she would steep the best
iced tea I'd ever tasted and lemonade for the kids. All I could do was
smile and agree. She gave me a big hug and a smooch on the
cheek and headed for the kitchen.

It's been a long time since we've had our own parents over so, I
invited them to see if they wanted to come along as well. Her dad
hardly ever came to family get-togethers but, surprisingly, that day
he decided to be sociable.

On top of that, our fathers never really got along and didn't quite
care for each other, but when they both arrived, it was like they
were the best of friends. It was the same all day long. They
laughed and joked and had a grand old time. It was awesome.

We didn't really have a destination in mind but it didn't matter.
On such a gorgeous day, anywhere we went, we all knew,
it would be pristine.

We headed East, I think. I don't really know, to be honest. We
just went where the breeze took us. We followed a trail that
stopped at the edge of this giant, magnificent pond. It was
outlined with mighty mountains, where the fall trees held
colors so vibrant it was nearly breathtaking. There we stood
in awe, gazing at a sight only God himself could have created.
"Here will be just fine," my mother softly said, smiling.

I unrolled the blanket on the soft grass while my children ran
to frolic at the water's edge. We couldn't have asked for a
more beautiful day. It wasn't too hot nor too chilly. It was
perfect. My wife started getting the settings and food prepared.

"Watch, Daddy," my boy yelled as he skimmed a rock across
the pond that had to bounce a good fifteen times before it
went under.

"Nice, son! Look at you!"

His little sister had to try, of course, but with not quite as much
success but with equal praise from everyone.

The food was more than delicious. And she was right, it was
the best tea I've ever had. The odds of us being less than ten
feet from a lemon tree with the best tea I've ever had was

We ate until we all had our fill and just sat around reminiscing
about life and good times. The day seemed to stretch on forever
and it was glorious.

Then, we packed it all up and headed home. We bid goodnight
to our parents and went inside. I turned and waved as I shut the
front door to the mansion.

I will admit, after the car crash that took my family and me last night,
our first day in Heaven was absolutely perfect.


~Family Story ~ Fiction writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
*Read All Rules*
Write a FICTIONAL story that involves a human family. The word length is minimum of 400 words with 600 words maximum. NO 'blood & guts" gory story, such as murder of people. Do NOT include time travel among characters, or 'Dear John' letters. This isn't a Thanksgiving story. Christmas may be mentioned, but it isn't a Christmas story. Do NOT have any music that automatically plays when story begins. You may use 1 picture that has no words, animation, or music, one color font with one color background, dedication line (optional) which doesn't count in word length, and author notes that may include 1 video (may have vocal sound/music).

Thanks for reading.


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