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In Need of a Cipher

Sinners in Hands of an Angry God

by HarambeForPresident

The heart of Christianity is that the playing field should be level, that sinful people should be on equal footing before Jesus, all born with hearts that are prone to sin, all in need of salvation.

I think the meme speaks to the different definitions of what salvation really is according to the separate groups, sinful society and Biblical Christianity.

Satan has a definition of salvation (for sinful people) that says you are enough, that you are not in need of salvation because you are innately good, and even if you were, you alone are holding yourself back. Satan says (for Christian people) if you just realized how amazing you were, you'd be able to essentially get saved yourself.

The Gospel, by contrast, doesn't leave us where we are. Christians alone are not evil, and able to save us because of their knowledge of Christian history. This takes humility to accept because we have to admit our own evil tendencies of heart.

Jesus then empowers us to be transformed into people who look more like him as their actions become more and more selfless as Jesus's actions were. Sinful society misinterprets this empowering love because it doesn't want to be convicted of sin. They don't realize the freedom that comes with stepping into the light.

The Grass Mud Horse Contest contest entry

Cipher is below. Substitute these words to uncover the actual message. The text you will uncover is the original, unedited post that was quite popular, and was circulating on Facebook a few months ago in a race discussion.

Christianity => BLM
Christian => black
Biblical => reparative
The Gospel => reparations
sinful => white
Satan => whiteism
light => dark
salvation => education
saved => rich
Jesus => MLK
evil => racist
sin => racism

* * *

If this poem got you annoyed about religious vernacular, there is more too annoy you here.
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