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Madeline has gotten a phone call that confuses her.

A chapter in the book The Tor


by Liz O'Neill

The Narrator is in the dark about what she has been invited to participate in.

Cordelia called me, yelling into the phone so loudly, I had to turn the volume down. I must have lowered it too much. I missed everything she had said.

Raising the volume, I was able to catch her last few words.

"So Madeline, can you go? Huh? Huh? Please. Please. You're the only one I would want to take. And get your Juju going and find all the energy places there, so on my days off or hours off, we can be tourists."

Totally confused, not having all the details, I was hesitant to commit myself to something I'd regret. She just kept going. I had no chance to get in even one question, especially the chief one, 'What did you say?'. Maybe a second question, 'What are you talking about?'.

To heighten the level of mystery, she continued with information about some place yet to be revealed.

"All of us who are going to be taking the harp therapy class, have been planning out a cool ceremony. We want to play our harps in a procession around a giant labyrinth on the Tor. You'll love it." She sang in an octave higher than her talking voice.

Whatever 'the Tor' was, I nodded, and aloud said with expression, "Hmmm.". Hopefully, I would get a chance to fill in all the blanks being formatted in my mind.

"It'll be quite a hike. The Tor evidently is formed with, what appears to be the path of a very old labyrinth spiraling around the hill seven times and ending at the top."

I still had no idea what she was talking about. It did sound like a project that would leave us huffing and puffing. How could they play a harp while drudging in circles around a steep hill? I imagined it to be like the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan, New York City, although the rate of incline, didn't strike me as gradual or as user-friendly.

When she took a moment to catch her breath, I knew it might be my only chance to ask those two questions and to apologize for not having heard a thing she'd said before the words 'So Madeline, can you go? Huh? Huh?'

She tsked a few times, huffed and whined. "I don't think I can get as fired up as I was. That moment's gone. That ship has sailed."

When she summarized what she had originally said, it was my turn to break the Richter Scale. "Whaaat? Are you for real? You want me to go with you? Really? Really? Me?"

"Yes, you. As I said, you're my top choice to accompany me."

"I heard it is always rainy there. On every show I've seen on TV, it's raining. You need to pack your pink and purple umbrella with your heavy harp. When do we leave anyway?"

"Two weeks should give us time to plan our packing, for me to make the flight reservations, and for you to research the energy places."

" Let me stroll over to my bookcase. Ah, here it is, the travel guide book. I'll drop it off later."

My dear friend designated me, to look up some strong energy spots. I am a dowser who deals with energies in the earth and above. Cordelia is what we call an 'inner dowser'; she doesn't need to use a pendulum. She just knows.

I think my mother had that same inner sensing. I remember, when I was three years old, my grandfather taught me to dowse with a willow Y-branch. I couldn't believe the pull of the stick I was grasping in the manner, directed by my Grampa.

As I attempted to hold it steady, it gradually pointed downward toward what he said was an underground stream of water leading to a pond. My mother always spoke of wishing to learn more about dowsing. Sadly, she passed before there was a newspaper notice of a new dowsing group being formed.

I announced to her spirit, "Ma, we'll be taking these classes together. We're finally going to get to learn about dowsing."

My dowsing teacher, Bob, taught us about energy channels called ley lines. These are straight lines of magnetic, luminous energy, traveling through rocks below the surface, crossing locations, circling the entire earth. They have been found to connect many sites holding churches and monasteries, named from derivatives of Mary or Michael.

It is quite telling to discover these churches were erected where pagan sites existed. Someone, way back then, knew how to detect powerful spaces and the churches were probably built there to purify or Christianize specific spots.

Just as we have energy waves throughout the atmosphere, buzzing around our head, so too, do we have them within the earth's makeup. The energy below the surface affects the outcomes above. 'As above, so below.'

Two of these lines of energy are each named the St. Michael line and the Mary line. The Michael line has a harsh dark feeling to it. The Mary line that reaches out around bodies of water gives a sensation of fluffy energy. The church names coordinate with the line that runs through that area.

When we travel from one ley line region to the other, we can sense a noticeable variance, as they radiate dimensions of light, bright or dimmed. If we are going from the Mary line to the Michael line we are apt to perceive a change on several levels, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

As this story unfurls, you will see how these elements all dysfunctionally unfolded for us.


This is the beginning of a new book called The Tor.

The main character and narrator, Madeline can�??�?�¢??t give the reader much information. She is in the dark as much as the reader.

Madeline is the narrator who has been invited to accompany Cordelia somewhere unknown

Cordelia is a harp therapist who play chords to help people heal on all levels
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