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Storm Blows In

Storm At Island Farmhouse

by country ranch writer

The two story farmhouse sits by the edge of the cliff in Ireland.The place is very old, It was made to
withstand the pounding waves and howling winds. The land was surrounded by the ocean on all sides.
The only way onto the island was by being able to catch a ferry

The CB. Radio was left on because ,Captain Morgan was listening to the in coming calls on the radio about the storm coming. Everyone sprang into action When they got the call came in over the r adio for the island to get ready for the squall.
The crew removed all the loose stuff that would be thrown around .
The storm shutters were closed and locked so the windows were safe from harm.

After making sure they had it done all they could they returned to the farmhouse."Shucks"...wouldn't you know it there he was Mr.Sir.Belington snug as a -bug-in- a-rug, all curled up in front of the fire place.
The big black cat was asleep in the captain's chair keeping warm by the fire place.

While they were all coming in the door a teeny tiny mouse ran in heading straight up the side of the fire place to the mantel to get warm. The captain could have sworn he saw a grin on his teeny tiny mouse face as he looked down at the cat and dog ,sleeping peacefully. The team and Captain Morgan were happy that Mr,Sir.Belingtin was now safe and sound.
The storm blew out to sea, everyone was relieved,"It could have been worse."

Farmhouse writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
There's a storm coming. Your pet laughs when you start preparing for it.


Captain Morgan manager of the whole island.
Team:crew that worked for Captain Morgan keeping things ship shape there on the island.

Mr.Sir Belington: Search and
rescue dog for the island.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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