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Family Story contest entry

After Dinner Stories

by DragonSkulls

After dinner, the family gathered around the table so
we could read the latest post that our favorite poetry
site had to offer. We got together almost every night to
read the beautiful poetry and stories.

I turned the computer screen so the whole family could
see while I read. When I finished the story I was on,
there was a video to watch at the end. It was a song with
pretty music and all. When the song ended, my son asked,
"Mommy, why does this story have a Youtube video at the end
when no one elses does?"

I didn't want to fib to my son so I told him the truth. "It's
sort of a way of cheating, Mathew. You see, this piece is in a
contest and I guess the author doesn't think their writing can
win the contest unless they cheat and add the video to enhance
the words they wrote. They most likely know that few people will
vote for them unless they use this sinful tactic because their
writing isn't that good. So they add the video to make it seem
like the story is actually better than the crap it is."

"I see, Mommy. It's sort of like stealing, right?

My husband joined in, "Exactly, son. It's just not right. Do you
think God would ever need to use videos? You don't see any
videos while you read your Sunday school lessons or when we
read the Bible to you, do you?"

"No, Daddy, I don't. "

"See. Videos are bad when it comes to being a good writer. So
be sure to never cheat like this person does or God might not
like it."

"I won't, Daddy. I'll never be a bad cheater like that. I want to
go to Heaven."

"You're a good boy, son. I'm sure you'll never need to cheat
that way and God will love you forever."

Nearly in tears, we had a big family hug and went back to
reading the beautiful stories, choosing to just ignore the
videos the sad people threw in.


~ Family Story ~ (fiction) writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
*Read All Rules*
Write a FICTIONAL story that involves a human family. The word length is 550 words or less. Do NOT write about, or refer, to Halloween in any way--no witches, bats, zombies, trick-or-treating, for example. This is NOT a Halloween story. NO 'blood & guts" gory story, such as murder of people. Do NOT include any spirits or time travel among characters. Do NOT have any music that automatically plays when story begins. You may use 1 picture that has no words, animation, or music, one color font with one color background, dedication line (optional) which doesn't count in word length, and author notes that may include 1 video (may have vocal sound/music).

Just goofing around, folks. Use all the videos you want.
I just see using them in contests as trying to gain an unfair
advantage. I give the voting masses more credit than that

Thank for reading.

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