General Fiction posted October 5, 2021

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Perfection Plus

by Cogitator

I used to be less than I am (Or was it more?)
I think it's time to keep the score
How can we see when we are blind?
Enneagrams will help us find
A better way to change our mind

That's all we do if truth be known
Changing our minds is how we've grown
Each waking day we play a part
Learn at each step. Life is an art

Let's all face it, we are perfect
It's the ego that interferes
That S.O.B. seeks to deflect
Avoids the truth because of fears

There's no such thing as certain death
What kind of sense would that suggest?
Bodies do take their one last breath
What's leaving us is Divine Best

There's nothing else but solid Truth
To nudge us towards our perfection
We lost our way as naive Youth
We stopped doing introspection

The truth's still here 'neath life's rubble
Society covers it well
We must remove all the trouble
Causing us all what we call Hell

Life's beauty is our own romance
To experience what Truth has wrought
Consciousness is a golden chance
To use the power we call Thought

If truth is known, we'll be seeing
There is no end to creation
Scrap all our lies and find our being
We live in God's own perfection

Self-Improvement Free Verse Poem writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a free verse self-improvement poem, with some rhyming. Use words such as I am, I will, I can.
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