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A Quiet Quest

by Ronni

About Those Too Suddenly Departed

They never get to say, "I'm leaving"
or wave a friendly sentimental "Good Bye"
suddenly gone without reason or clues
sometimes linger silently, too gravely ill.

If love alone could have saved them,
they never could have, might have died.
Franticly, in griefs shock, anguished tears,
we deny, or still shattered, disbelieve it.

All we know is in this life, we loved them
ever so gladly, hearts proudly thrilled.
In death's mourning, no one nor nothing
can our love and memories diminish or deter.
We love them deeper still, forever holding a
precious place in our lives, no one can ever fulfill.

As a poet/writer on FS since 2013, August intrigued
many readers, fans, admirers and friends. Some very
dedicated and loyal ones, with whom he shared a
most mutually appreciative respect and rapport.
Except to the rarest of few, yet understandably instantly
confused and dismayed readers and fans, all the
more a mystery with mounting questions with no answers.

As a quiet, reserved man by nature, August kept his private,
personal life, sensitively, protectively, of him and his family.
With a mission and commitment that would take rest of
his life to honor, fulfill and yet achieve.

In span of a few chats and exchanges with his kindly obliging
daughter, Amber, she shared why;
"He only had one love in his life, my mom, she passed away
from cancer, when I was only 4.... But he raised me with
more love, compassion and kindness than two parents
ever could have."

That was the mission and commitment, in honor and
love of their mutual loss, wife, mother; raising alone
his one remaining sole love, through saddened childhood
to successful adulthood. His daughter Amber, ever so
reassuringly and proudly, affirms that indeed he did meet
his commitment and achieved loving gratitude and pride.

Dear daughter Amber further has shared why and how
August's last poem he wrote was especially significant
and tragically ominous for him. It was also the 20th
Anniversary of that infamously fateful day of horror:
" As a Construction contractor at the Pentagon then, he
was working on D corridor, in sudden explosion
he was thrown from the blast. He suffered both
internal bleeding and severe organ damage.
His lungs were compromised from the burning
and toxic air. His hands were badly burned from
trying to crawl over the rubble. Franticly, he still
tried to help others, but finding only death in
his efforts. The ghosts and demons are the ones
he is referring to in his last poem. Told even to
me, only once, and never spoke of it again."

" But, daddy also told me that he believed it was
God's will he survived, and was still going to
help other people as long as He allowed him to."
And he did, just that, starting and building "Carpenters
For Christ" funding it himself, going all over the country
helping those in need, never asking for anything. Yet
all the while in inevitably continued, constant pain from his
9-11- 2011 injuries from that fateful blast, but would
never let it show. Always too with a smile and kind word.

''He also, all during this time, put me through Nursing
School, paid all my bills so I only had to worry about
my school work, and have graduated with a Masters
Degree in Nursing; being loved and cared for to very
"I am also so taken and deeply grateful to all
on FS so kindly, warmly expressing their comments
and love he has received from his fans and friends
and why he loved to write."

August lived his life and did his work, not for the
public view, but for the private one, kept sincere.
By the loads he lifted from others, with honesty,
sacrifice, kindness and love, without reservation.
The beautiful, successful, proud and loving daughter
he raised, friends loyal and true, gave warmth and
worth where emptiness too long lingered in so many.

As dedicated Christian man of Faith and Trust in God
August believed and never doubted, from his whole
life and all the trials and tragedies he persevered through.
1. God will never put you through what He can, as needed
see you through.
2. On his worst days, none were so bad he did not
feel His Grace, nor on his best days, still so aware
of the 'need' of His Grace.

Poem of the Month contest entry


August: 3-30-63 / 9-02 21
When: 9-02-21- Where: unknown where (home, hospital, ER not)
How: From severe injuries in 9-11-2011 explosion at site, but
not hospitalized or treated as he ought to have been immediately
and since and set for long recovery. August declined to do so,
deeming it more important for him to do more doing God's work
as his personal choice and mission.
Why? Only God knows the 'why' as he does for all of us.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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