Supernatural Fiction posted September 20, 2021

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It's the season again for things that go bump in the night

The Night Visitors

by AliMom

There is a wooden wagon, painted pitch black. It is attached by a hitch to a van of an impossibly deeper black hue. It is ancient and weather-worn with interesting symbols painted on it, understood only by those who know their meaning and it waits at the edges of towns.

There are no windows in the wagon and the only door is sealed with heavy chains and silent incantations, the kind meant to keep things in. A great heavy padlock keeps it shut tight. It has a skeleton key. If you turn it, it will not open unless you know the secret to make it obey.

If you stand very close - if you dare - you can hear them scratching to get out, moving, howling, hissing, and snarling at their captivity. Some make slithering sounds sliding about on the wooden floor while others thunder about on heavy feet like lost giants looking for a way out of the darkness. Then there are the ones who scurry to and fro like irritable rats with impossibly long nails. You can feel them pressing against the walls. But don't worry, the walls will hold.

For a small fee, they will come to your town and the occupants of the wagon will be released for a while, the particularly vicious ones, the soul eaters, still locked in chains and marked in magic symbols to keep them in check. The rest roam freely eliciting shrieks of horror and fear. They'll rattle their chains and stalk the streets bringing terror and mayhem. They will howl at the moon and growl, frightening children, creeping in and out of homes leaving bloody footprints, rapping eerily at windows, and lurking in dark places making us remember our prayers. And in the right season, nobody will think anything of it.

At the end of the contract, they are recalled into captivity by the owner of the truck until the next town - the next call. All, except the ones who linger for those cantankerous deadbeats who won't pay their bill because everyone knows what happens to those who don't pay their exorcists.

They are repossessed!

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It's that season again when all manner of strange people in strange vehicles and houses appear in our neighborhoods to terrify the weak at heart. No, I don't mean trick-or-treaters. But they can be pretty terrifying too. Enjoy the story!
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