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A Cube 16 Poem

A chapter in the book Poppy and Odi's Mission

Poppy and Odi's Mission 3

by Sandra Stoner-Mitchell

Story so far.
Part 1)  A mermaid's friend has a toothache, and it's so bad he needs to have it pulled. None of the sea creatures know how to do it, so the mermaid wants two children to come and help. First, she has to ask the Queen if there is a way the children can breathe under water. Then she must ask the children if they will come and help her. The thing is, her friend  is a killer whale!
Part 2) The mermaid went to see the mermaid queen and was happy with what she learned. The queen told them to take two bubbles and place them over Poppy and Odi’s head and they would be safe. Now they have to persuade them, but Odi is a bit worried about going inside a whale's mouth! 

Chapter Three

The mermaid laughed
at Odi’s fear.
“Oh no, he won’t
eat you, my dear!”

Then Poppy said,
“I’ve thought about
his pain so, yes,
we’ll pull it out.”

She turned around
when Odi laughed.
“You know our friends
     will say we’re daft!”    

The mermaid splashed
around with joy.
“You are a kind
young girl and boy!”

The mermaid brought
out for the pair,
the bubbles that
were full of air.

“Now you will find 
that just like me,
you both can breathe
beneath the sea.”

So they could swim
down to the whale
but unlike her--
without a tail!

Then Odi squealed,
“A shark! Watch out!” 
And Poppy turned 
and gave a shout!

The shark came close 
and stopped beside
the mermaid who
tried hard to hide

her laughter at 
the kids surprise;
they just could not
believe their eyes!

“Please don’t be scared
of my mad friend.
When he acts tough,
it’s all pretend!”

Both kids were spooked;
this shark was VAST!--
a submarine 
just floating past!

“Isn’t he cute!”
Odi declared.
(He’d show them all--  
he wasn’t scared!)

That made them laugh!
“Come on, let’s go.
I see our whale’s 
waiting below.”


The mermaid’s friend,
the dolphin, saw
them swim down to
the ocean floor.

He told the whale,
“It won’t be long.
Your painful tooth 
Will soon be gone.” 

The mermaid went
and told the whale
she’d brought him help--
They would not fail.

The children then
went in to see
the tooth giving
him agony!



 Continued …..




Thank you so much for reading part 3 using the Cube 16 format which was invented by our own Robert Zimmerman. To write a cube 16, you have four syllables across with four lines down which gives you the 16 syllables per cube altogether. I find it the perfect format for my children's books. You should try it if you have already done so. :))
Some of these pictures will be changed in the book because they are borrowed. Most are from which are totally free to use.
I hope you enjoyed this part. Sorry it was late. I had a bad week with my own broken tooth and had to have it pulled. I think I should have got Poppy and Odi to do it, they might have been a lot more gentler than my dentist!!
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