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A chapter in the book The Corona saga


by Iza Deleanu

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

"Now ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please! My name is Virusela aka Coronella, an international sensation and I'm here to introduce you to a new law."

Is the crowd raging: "You? You again? When will you get your ugly ass and the Greek alphabet out of our lives?"

"Mmm, try never! Until you fools don't get your jabs for fun, I'm here to stay. Look at Hungary, now they are taking the third dose. You want to travel try a scrabble without jabber you're here to stay! And you think old Europe is going to welcome you with open arms? Try Norway, they will not allow you to step one inch on their gorgeous cruise line, even if you are vaccinated, because they don't like the scramble-gamble of combining vaccination. What can you do? Suckers! They follow ad-literam the World Health Organization instructions: no combination for the human nation."

Somebody from the crowd screams with exciment: "Yey, finally good news. I can go on that cruise on my own. My hubby it's an Astro-Zenaca-Pfizer Troll."

Coronella: "Yeah? Good to know, that I can make some people happy with my little experiment."

The crowd screaming: "Leave us alone, witch."

"What? You have not heard? Europe doesn't give a " shite" about your human rights. If you want to travel to Malta you need shots, and not of Tequila. When they hear America, Europe is saying: Yankees stay home!"

"We don't care! We are Americans! We are the center of the universe!"

"Hey, works for me. That's why I choose you, the more you refuse my experimental treatment, the more of you will take the trip of no return."

"This is outrageous! Do you think the world will segregate us between vaccinated and non-vaccinated?"

"Duh! Feel that shit! Vaccinated people matter!"

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