Humor Poetry posted July 27, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
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My Favorite Shoes

by Mimi Linny

Looking back upon my life
I find myself in thought
Through all the years my love for shoes
I’d ever worn or bought

When I was just a little girl
Mom took me to the City
And bought me patent Mary Janes
That made me feel so pretty
And I would wear them everywhere
Before and after school
Until one day to my surprise
Too small for me they grew

At seven, every Saturday
Rushed down the stairs I'd go
To eat my breakfast, brush my teeth
Then watch my (favorite) TV show
In darling pink-stitched cowgirl boots
I'd sing along with them
"Happy Trails to You..." sang Roy and Dale
"...Until we meet again"

A little older I did turn
And wanted to impress
My bigger sister, Anna-Mae
So like her I would I dress
And begged my mom to buy me ones
Just like my Anna-Mae
So brown and white, my saddle shoes
I proudly wore each day
But then before my birthday, 12th
While skipping down the lane
It happened that I saw them through
The Woolworth window pane
A pair of leather penny loafers
Smiled and looked at me
And then mom knew my birthday gift
Those lucky shoes should be
The 60’s rock and rolled the charts
The craze was fashion-flair
And just like every teenaged girl
I had to have a pair
Of cool and swingin’ Go-Go boots
I felt the “trendy-setter”
With Beatles, bangs and groovy things
Could life get any better?
Well, yes, it did, I met my love
And on our wedding day
The gown, the veil, the ring I wore
For him were on display
I’d never felt so beautiful
And in romantic style
With 3-inch lacey, lovely heels
Walked t’wards him down the aisle
Pumps and wedgies topped the charts
Of 1980’s fare
And just to keep up with the kids
I had to have (at least) a pair
Comfy, soft and stylish, too,
It didn’t matter when
My woven-wedgies, tan and pink
I’d wear…
Then wear again
I can’t forget the mules I bought
In 90’s they had thrived
The cloggy, clunky, slip-on phase
Had finally arrived
I loved them, though, and wore a pair
With everything it seems…
I donned them proudly day or night
With pant-suits, skorts and jeans
In Y2K I loved the flats
That molded round my toes
They felt so good I couldn’t help
But buy a lot of those
Red ones, yellow, blue and green
My closet burst in prism
With colors…orange, chartreuse, mauve
To serve my “shoe-love-ism”
Now in my 60’s I did find
That sneakers were the craze
And helped to soothe my time-worn feet
To match my body’s age
I never thought I’d love them so
Until the aches and pains
Of wearing heels and clogs and boots
Left me with bursting veins
It’s funny, fluffy slippers now
I wear upon my feet
They look like two big panda paws
As I walk down the street
And though some people laugh and stare
I’m sure what’s really true
Is that they wish upon their feet
Were comfy bear paws, too!
          You’ve asked about my favorite shoes          
In style that I most treasure
It’s hard to pick the ones I've loved
That gave me the most pleasure
Except to say they're all the best
And forthright shall opine
That I can now share openly
The favorite ones of mine!

Authentically original
They get me place to place
And honestly I have to say
My love for them embrace
They're with me everywhere I go
And always within sight
While faithfully they serve my needs
Each morning, noon and night
They may not be the prettiest
But won't turn obsolete
My favorite pair amongst them all
Are just my own two feet!

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