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Ramble No 5, 2021

by Sankey

I decided on this way of adding more to my book "The Little Dog That Wouldn't Let Go" I just got finished, so as not to leave things "up in the air" and me still feeling I had to add more to my story.
Back in my younger years, I had a Glucose Tolerance test that determined I was Hypoglycaemiac or Low Blood Sugar. I was also informed, however, at that time, I would probably become diabetic someday, down the track. This prediction came true more than twenty years ago. I was subsequently diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic.

I probably brought it all on myself due to the terrible diet I continued to follow for many years. "Chips, Coke and Cherry Ripes*" were the order of most days. At about the same time as the type 2 diabetic diagnosis, I was also told I had gallstones. Undoubtedly related to my erroneous and totally disgusting "*3 c's" passion. The Coke was of course the sugar variety. And please don't get on me about the alternatives to sugar and how bad they are. I have now used sugar substitutes for years with no damage.

I am kind of glad I have taken so long to finally get this new "ramble" going. Seeing I have taken so long, I have learned a lot more about part of this story and the subject of the same.

I am speaking about a new weekly injection I am now on. It is called "Trulicity." For some time I had thought it was another kind of Insulin.

I have posted before about the dramas I initially had when I was first diagnosed as needing Insulin injections.

"Trulicity" is not another form of Insulin. It is a brand new invention possibly from the USA (I am in Australia) and it actually CREATES Insulin in our bodies from its weekly injection. My other Insulin regime has not been discontinued, just the amounts injected in the morning, lunch and dinner have been lowered due to the new weekly injection.

This new procedure has "buckets and bouquets" as to good and bad things about it. On the good side, I am noticing a reduction in appetite and perhaps because of that, I am finally getting some weight off I have wanted to do for ages. It became harder getting weight off, as we have talked about before, due to some new drugs I am on for other things spoken of, in previous rambles.

Now for the "bucket" side of things.

One side effect is to do with new things happening to my body and causing much discomfort as far as not knowing when things are going to hit and need taking care of. Sometimes I can go for hours without these things coming upon me, then, all of a sudden the big rush is on for the bathroom. I was promised I could get some nausea of which I have actually had very little. As to other places, I guess you can figure that out for yourself. 

As I said, the doctor has promised things should settle down eventually and I look forward to that with great enthusiasm.


The second part of this ramble is about an associated topic to the above but on the other side of diabetes and to do with blood sugar reading equipment.

For years I have used an "Accu-Chek" meter and the associated tags and needles for my blood sugar readings all diabetics have to do sometimes several times a day. At one time the "pen" that contains the needle combo broke down. Fortunately, I was able to obtain a replacement as I really liked doing the blood sugar testing with the particular unit as I had done for years.

In the meantime, the local doctor had given me a replacement machine called "Care-Sens." I did not like this machine as, unlike the Accu-Chek machine with the six-needle combo pack, you had to insert a new needle for every single reading. I guess you know I was glad to get the replacement Accu-Chek "pen" back again.

I tried everywhere to get a replacement Accu-check Meter as I did not want to eventually be forced to go down the "single needle" path each time I needed to do a reading using the "Care-Sens" meter.  Alas, many places I tried did not carry the old machine. 

My previous Dietitian had moved to another hospital closer to her home in the Inner West of our city but we still kept in touch by e-mail as I really liked her and her advice. It was she who pointed me to  the Diabetic Educator I had been consulting in earlier times to supply me with the NEW Accu-Chek Guide (pictured.) I have been so glad to get that and have set it up ready to use, once all the tags and needles from the old Accu check machine run out. Naturally, the new machine has its own associated tags and needles etc so no carryover of the old ancillaries from the replaced machine. Wish me luck on the new "learning curve."


The top picture is the new Accu-Chek Blood Sugar Guide.
The bottom picture is the "Trulicity" Weekly injection box.
As we come through with another edit and promotion there have been some changes for some things, even difficulties accessing things mentioned in here. Stick around to see the new things.
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