General Poetry posted June 9, 2021

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A poem for all my great reviews.

I Apologise

by alexgardiner

Fanstory poem

Crivens, jings, say help ma boab,
hoo dae ah comply wae the Fanstory code.
This auld yin s'no bin oan Fanstory fur years,
Went oan yisterday an' wis reduced tae tears.

Yea see a'bidy, a gote an awfie shock,
Took me a wee whiley tae take stock,
Noo yea aw ken aboot reviews,
Hoo aboot 2162 fur news.

An' no wan oh them did ah ken aboot,
2162 an' no wan did a ken aboot.
Arrr yea awe listenin' tae me?
Ah jist aboot fulled ma trews wae 'pee'.

Oh sorry, a apologise fur sayin' that wurd,
should hae said bodily waater but that sounded absurd.
Gitten away frae the point a guess,
Bit that nearly happened, nevertheless.

A read a few reviews at furst,
An' ma een wis jist aboot tae burst.
A read another hunner or so,
An ma wurries jist began tae grow.

Yea see they were a blidy fantastic,
Hoo can a rectify? it wid hiv tae be drastic.
Jings this auld yin canny answer 2162 reviews,
If ah could that wid be great news.

It wull tak me fir iver jist tae read them aw,
Only twa o' the reviews I have read stuck slightly in ma craw,
But aw the rest jist gote better an' better,
Nae kiddin,' the reviews were great, tae the letter.

Weel A wull be readin' reviews frae now tae then,
Hoo lang that wull take, ah dinny ken.
It's impossible tae mention awe the poets involved,
A hope these few wurds will help tae resolve.

Ah hope yea all will forgive this auld Yin taday,
If so, that wull keep the tears at bay.
Am lookin' forward tae reviewin' the reviews, in time,
an' ma oversight is not a crime.

So aw yea bonny lass's an' lads yer reviews are great,
Looking forward to writing more poems if that's ma fate.
So, till then thank you all,
Hoping here, that wull be ma call.

The Auld Yin.

At last I have a wee bit of time to visit and post new poems . It has been a few years since I have been able to do this.I am trying to add sound but finding it difficult to keep the file size down. Hopefully I will get it right. I could write this in English,but!!!!! when I eventually get the sound on, that will translate my vernacular.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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