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The Variants of Vampires contest entry

A Vampire's Survival

by DragonSkulls

The Variants of Vampires Contest Winner 

I opened the lid in pitch black darkness. It was time to feed. Years have passed but still I needed substance to survive. The coffin lid scraped in protest as I exited the tomb that would forever be the abode of my slumber.

Decades have taught me where to hunt. The night-life is where there's an endless supply. They dance, they sing, they play while longing for the acceptance of others. I continue to exist because many so desperately want to find this farce called love.

I followed as she left the bar. While unlocking her car, I appeared. Screaming, she turned and ran.

I burst into a thousand bats and instantly transformed back into a man right in front of her. Her breathing became erratic as I watched panic fill her eyes. "Don't fight it, my precious child. You shan't escape." I held her arms tight and glared into her eyes as she, too, glared into mine. No mortal can resist, woman nor man. That's one of the gifts of being vampire, the hypnotic trance that none can elude. She was helpless as a baby.

I was so close I could smell her breath. She was mine. Willingly, she'd give me anything I craved or desired. I could see the blood coursing through her jugular with every single beat of her heart. I came within inches of her face and gently caressed the tears away. Then, ever so softly, I whispered, "I want to suck your...
Peppermint LifeSaver.


Writing Prompt
In this contest, come up with a type of vampire that lives on something else other than blood. Write a story (250 words maximum) about this vampire.
Have fun! :)

The Variants of Vampires
Contest Winner

The contest sponsor wanted a story about a vampire that survives on something other than blood. LifeSavers is about the most ridiculous idea I could come up with. Lol.

A LifeSaver, for those who don't know, is a little, round breath mint. They come in numerous flavors and the peppermint is vampirishly delicious.

Thanks for reading.


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