Romance Fiction posted May 16, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
When he knows the colour of your eyes, he knows you

The Colour Of Your Eyes

by Bonnie Seach

Martha creeps up behind John who is seated comfortably reading the morning paper.
She holds a slender hand over each of his eyes.

"Guess who?" she purrs

He fondles her right hand: "It can only be my Martha!"

She flops onto his lap crumpling the sports page, and kisses his chin --

"Do you remember the day we met?"

"Of course I do," kissing her neck

She pulls away, "what was I wearing?"

John squirms and tries to get up

Martha drags him back...

"What was I wearing? She demands cheekily

John gazes past Martha's right shoulder, "your pink dress, and you wore a pink bow in your pretty hair."

Martha slaps his cheek playfully...

"I was 15 years old then John! You're cheating! You're looking at my photo on the mantle behind me. Stop it."

John pecks her on the tip of her cute nose.

"I do remember my Sweet. You were dressed in yellow and you carried a yellow parasol. It was a fresh spring day and you stole my heart away!"

Martha leaps up and pirouettes, twirling an imaginary parasol in front of her. She looks coyly at her lover over her shoulder... her back toward him.

"John, what colour are my eyes?"
Crafty little vixen...

"Hmmm, blue?" He teases.

She swings around pouting petulantly..."You don't remember the colour of my eyes...?" Disbelief trembling in her voice
Her eyes glisten with teardrops, welling up indignantly

John unfolds his legs, rises and grips her arms. He notices an errant teardrop escaping from one eye, sliding down her cheek.
Gently wiping it away he kisses her tenderly on her forehead. He pulls her close and feels her chest heaving and her heart pounding. Compassion and affection overwhelm him

"Your eyes are brown," he begins softly in her ear. "They darken when you are angry. They brighten to a lighter shade of brown when you are relaxed and happy. When you look into my eyes and tell me that you love me they sparkle. Streaks of love-light stream through from your heart and fleck them with shades of hazel. I remember the love-light in your beautiful eyes like the warm, golden glow of a perfect sunrise..."

She smothers him with kisses, sobbing with joy.

"Oh John! How beautiful! How romantic! You really do love me! And I do love you so much!
I believe you will die for me, won't you my darling ..?"

He winks at her, grinning widely, "no Martha my pet, my love is an undying love..."

"You beast!" she shouts, hurling a cushion at him.
He dodges smartly and darts through the French door into the garden --

She pursues, armed with cushions...
"Come back, you coward!"

His laughter echoes in the distance

A Romantic Conversation contest entry

"Do you love me?"
"You know I do."
"How much do you love me?"
These words have passed between lovers for ages. Sadly, too often they are only words. They fade away with the passage of time...
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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