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You Got To Me by Neil Diamond

Sally's Jukebox Hits #45

by Sally Law

Welcome to my Jukebox Hits. I'm counting down my personal favorites from 50 to 1!

I'm so glad you stopped in for #45, "You Got To Me" by the dazzling Neil Diamond. Warning: Get out your dancing shoes and warm up thoroughly.

This rockin' love song is on Neil's second album, "Just for You," released August 25, 1967.

I remember these years, especially 1967 as being one of the best!
The song was available on a two-sided 45 as well, ranking #18 on March 4th of that year.

Neil Leslie Diamond is an American singer-songwriter with a career spanning over five decades, rising quickly in the 1960s with his first single: "What Will I Do" which he recorded with Jack Packer. The song was released under the duo's name "Neil & Jack."

Neil Diamond has sold over 130 million albums worldwide, and is considered one of the top performers of all time.

I have two videos from YouTube for today. The first one is featuring "You Got To Me" on the American Bandstand Dance Competition in 1967. This is so awesome! I just had to share it. I was only twelve at the time, but I sure had great taste in music.

The second is a HQ (High Quality) recording of the song. Think of this as a twofer! Two Neil Diamonds? Go crazy, dear FanStorians....

{You Got To Me, written by Neil Diamond}

Mama told me that some day it would happen
But she never said that it would happen like this
Papa said, "Look out, some girl'll catch you nappin'
Some little girl will get to you with her kiss"
You got to me
You brought me to may knees
Never thought I'd say please, girl
You got to my soul
You got control
You got to me, you got to be mine

Used to slip though every girl's hand like water
There never was one who could ever tie me down
Straight ahead and steady as Gibraltar
'Til you brought me tumblin' to the ground

You got to me
You brought me to may knees
Never thought I'd say please, girl
You got to my soul
You got control
You got to me, you got to be mine

Until next time....



You Got To Me featured in the 1967 American Bandstand Dance Competition.

Photo: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fbeautyfrominteriordesig.blogspot.com%2F2019%2F12%2Fi-am-myself-neil-diamond.html&psig=AOvVaw32i0lBqi-c0jHLXWbZplBR&ust=1621606766462000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCKiJxoy62PACFQAAAAAdAAAAABAI

Lyrics: Lyrics.com
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