General Script posted May 3, 2021

a one-scene script with Fox Fine

Fox Fine: At the County Clerk 2

by Bill Schott

Fox Fine enters the scene from stage right and comes to a wide service window at center stage. Centered above the window is a sign reading: LOST AND FOUND. A young woman appears at the inside of the window.

Lori: Hello, sir --Oh! Hi, Fox. 

Fox: Hey, Lois. You work here too?

Lori: It's me, Fox --Lori. How do you know my sister?

Fox: I was with her on the second floor at the County Clerk's office. 

Holy Moley, Fox! Are you and Lois getting married?

Fox: What! Why would you think that?

 Well, why else would you and my sister be at the County Clerk's office but to get a marriage certificate.

Fox: She works there.

Lori: She does?

Fox: You didn't know Lois works at the County Clerk office?

Lori: How did you?

Fox: I didn't even know she existed until an hour ago.

Lori: And now you're getting married?

Fox: Okay, wait. Let's start over.

Lori: (
Smiling) Hello, sir --Oh! Hi, Fox. 

Fox: Right, okay. Look, Lori. I lost my pooka, so I came here to see if anyone had turned him in.

Lori: (
snickering) Why would anyone turn in a pooka? 

As Fox replies, facing down stage, Lori steps out of sight.

Fox: I know you think I'm kidding, but I have a pooka who is usually with me but has wandered off. When I was in Ireland last summer I fell into a bog and was getting pulled under. I was saved by a giant rabbit who pulled me up and carried me back up to the road. He's been with me ever since. No one can see him but me. I guess he's sort of a demon, but he's only been kind to me. 

A woman appears from within the lost and found office. 

Lady:  Hello, sir. May I help you?

Fox: Yes -- well, uh, Lori was helping me. 

Lady:  Lori?

Fox: Yes. Lori Oppenheimer. 

Lady:  No one named Lori Upperhammer works here.

Fox: Oppenheimer.

Lady:  Oppenheimer?

Fox: Yes, Lori Oppenheimer.

Lady:  Lori Oppenheimer?

Fox: Yes.

Lady:  No one named Lori Oppenheimer works here. Now, can I help you?

Fox: I lost my pooka, so I came here to see if anyone had turned him in.

Lady: No, sir. No one has.

The woman moves out of sight as Fox turns and walks back the direction he entered. When he is out of the scene, Lori stands up behind the lost and found window. She is seven feet tall.

To be continued... 


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With apologies to Mary Chase, author of Harvey.
pooka= invisible mischievous specter in the form of a seven-foot rabbit
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