General Fiction posted March 31, 2021

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Life's Choices Contest Entry

The Lucky Penny

by DragonSkulls

Life's Choices Contest Winner 

As I exited the dollar store today, I spotted a shiny penny on the sidewalk. I've always heard that it's good luck if you find a penny heads-side up. I normally wouldn't have
bothered because a penny is practically worthless, but I chose to pick it up to see if good luck was in my favor today.

When I bent over, I didn't notice the kid on the skateboard flying down the sidewalk right at me. He yelled, "Watch out, moron!" as he was forced off the sidewalk into the shopping plaza street to miss me. I watched his expertise skills as, just before the Corvette ran him over, he leapt off the ground and onto the car's hood and used its windshield as a ramp. He soared fifteen feet into the air and landed on top of the mini city transport bus that had just passed going the opposite direction.

Hearing the commotion on the roof, the bus driver stomped on the brakes. This propelled the skateboarder off the bus where he landed face first onto the windshield of the cop car that was parked in front of the Walmart Grocery store. I stepped off the sidewalk curb and watched in amazement. The police officer immediately jumped out of his vehicle while drawing his weapon. His foot slipped on a discarded face mask someone had thrown on the sidewalk. He lost his balance, stumbled and fell backwards onto the bike rack. That's when his firearm discharged.

A lone crow preparing to perch on a telephone wire, lining the main street in front of the plaza, was struck by the stray bullet and fluttered towards the street. It hit the windshield of a passing ice cream truck. The driver jerked the wheel and hit the cement median and lost control, flipping the truck that spewed ice cream all over Florida Avenue. The fuel tanker behind him swerved to miss the ice cream truck and also lost control. It jackknifed while sliding on the ice cream and slid halfway across the railroad tracks before coming to a stop...just as the lights started flashing and the guardrails were coming down. The driver leapt out of the truck and ran just as the speeding train plowed into the side of the tanker.

The explosion was enormous. I watched in horror as I saw the set of duel, flaming tandem tanker tires hurtling through the sky in my direction. They flew over my head and crashed through the roof of the dollar store behind me. The massive tires blasted into pallets of bottled water at the front of the store, bursting the huge plate glass windows, quarter machines and plastic flower displays outward. I was standing in the street, in front of a sidewalk pillar that protected me from all of the shattered glass, propelling water and dollar debris.

I held it up, looked at it and thought to myself, "Hey, this penny is lucky." Then I smiled, put it in my pocket and went on my way.


Writing Prompt
Write a short story about how making a choice can impact your life. It can be a story about the past, present, or future.

Life's Choices
Contest Winner

Not a true story. Lol

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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