Satire Fiction posted March 17, 2021

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C and A

by Iza Deleanu

It was a hot day on the beach today. C decided that she needs to take one last dive and then retreat to that deserted bar by the edge of the water. Mentally she picked up a secluded spot under that palm umbrella. She went into the ocean and let herself be bewitched by the music of the waves. If she could let go of that curse; wrong place, wrong time, bad name...and the crowd.

In the meantime, A, tired of waiting, moved to the bar, hoping to strike a friendship with the unknown. It was six months since they put her on the market, and so far, nobody trusted her enough to get closer. The moment she was introducing herself, everybody was running away from her like from the plague.

C finished the swim and decided to take refugee at that lonely bar that she previously noticed and got charmed by its beauty.

As C was stepping towards that table, A was going in the same direction.

C and A got at the table at the same time; uncomfortable, they smiled at each other, and C said:

"Do you mind if we share the spot? I promise to be quiet and mind my own business."

"No, I would love to. See since my parents send me here six months ago to taste the waters I have been so lonely; I can't make any friends so far. I don't know what's wrong with me."

"For me is quite the opposite. Everywhere I go, I am surrounded. See, it was no coincidence that you choose the same table as me. I don't know what I have to do, to be left alone. I want some me time."

"Well, stick with me, and your wish will come true, said A."

"I see, and your theory is that if we stick together, we are going to eradicate my bad luck of being followed all the time?"

"Yes, just watch and see."

The bar got full right away. A look at C and said: "Let's teste my theory. Stand up and go to the bar and pretend that you need a drink."

"You will see there will be a big rush of people to buy me drinks."

"Sure, but then I will come towards you, and everybody will scatter away."

"Fine, let's do it."

The moment C stood up, the crowd rushed towards her, and then A got closer to her, and everybody dispersed."

"Damn, girl, you have some scary moves. How the hell did you do it? You are pretty, you smell nice, so what's your secret."

"No secret people are staying away because I am the antidote. My name is Azteca."

"That's so funny. These people should embrace you because you are their Salvation."

"Why are they all over you. What's your secret? My name is Covidela. You are right; they should stay away from me because I am deadly. I guess they like to live in danger."

"Wow, girl. Who gave you that name?"

"Initially, I was just Ela, and then I got infected and became Covidela. I am the patient zero."

"Maybe if we stay together, nobody will get hurt, and they will trust my healing powers, despite that lie about the blood clots."

"You know, that is not such a bad idea; if you are the antidote, that means that you will stop me from infecting other people. We have a deal partner."

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