General Fiction posted February 21, 2021

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When you go out into the woods, beware

No Good Deed

by Mands

I was out for my nightly walk, torch in hand, when a scream brought us to a halt. Dougie froze to the spot, ears fixed on a point in the woods that I couldn't see. The rising hairs on my neck also pointed the way.

I should have turned for home at that point. But then the voice yelled again. "Please, help me." Dougie growled.

I laid a reassuring hand on his head. The voice had sounded so young. What was a kid doing out here in the dark? Cautiously I walked towards the sound, the torch picking up trees and dense bushes. "Hello, who's there?" I shouted.

"I am here, please help." The voice sounded closer, and I could see a distant light breaking through the trees.

"I am coming, hold on." I walked quickly, pushing against low-hanging branches. Dougie ran ahead of me barking.

Soon my efforts brought me into a clearing lit up with an unnatural light, which pulsed and glowed like a neon sign. I put my hand up to shield my eyes. A boy was kneeling in the centre, arms tied around his back.

I ran across and as I reached him, he turned his head. "Thank you." He smiled. "For saving me. They told me I was too young for them."

My heart contracted as I whispered. "Too young for who?"

He looked up.

The last thing I saw as I was lifted into the sky was the boy waving, and stroking Dougie.

An Unexpected Rescue writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
In 250 words (not including the title) write about an unexpected rescue that proved to be life-altering.

What if you heard a voice in the dark, would you go and help? Not all good deeds are rewarded
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