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Weirdo finds a motive.

A chapter in the book Zoo Murder:

Zoo Murder: Examination

by Bill Schott

Bull Schlitz = police inspector
Dan D'weir = homicide detective
Mellow Bailey = park director
Nat Taurus = habitat manager
Honor Bonner =veterinarian
Mame Dennis = media representative
Jerry Mathers = AZA Midwest Area coordinator
Clarice Darrow = Zoo Attorney
Dr. Garret Hool = Coronor 

Previously: There was a murder in the city zoo. Five people were brought in for questioning. Both Mellow Bailey, the park director and Nat Taurus, the habitat manager have given odd information and have implicated two others. Mame Dennis, Honor Bonner, and Jerry Mathers have indicated they were involved with the victim's death.

End of the last chapter:

"Why did you two kill Cyril Loyne?"

Both Bonner and Mathers gasped simultaneously before stepping away from one another and pointing at each other. In unison they announced that the other had done it.


Detective D'weir crosses and pats his arms, making a brrr sound, as he enters the city morgue.  Across the room of empty gurneys he sees Dr. Garret Hool speaking into a 
microphone which hangs from an L-shaped pole rising from the corner of an examination table.

"Hey, Dr. Ghoul!"

The coronor looks around, visually perturbed, before acknowledging his friend.

"Well, if it isn't Detective Weirdo. What brings you to my la-BOR-atory."

"Is that Cyril Loyne you're eating?"

"Did you say sirloin?"

"No, because there wouldn't be a question then.  That's my zoo body."

"Yes, this man was mauled postmortem by what has been definitely identified as a --"


"No. It was a -"

"Mountain lion?"

"No. It was a h-"

"Haaa - halligator!  Harpy!  Hungry, hungry hippo!"

"Honey badger."

"Honey badger? You mean, like a raccoon?"

"I found pieces of cellophane and bee carcases under some extensive skin graphing."

"I think we're talking about different things, Gare. I mean this corpse, not the sink trap in your greenhouse."

"The wounds are the right shape and width, and there are animal hairs."

"Sooo, what are we saying?"

The medical examiner takes a mock, thoughtful pose.

"Hmm?  How about -- smuggling bees?" 

To be continued...


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