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An Empathy Slacker

A chapter in the book The Two of Me

A Frozen Cold Soul

by QC Poet



Cold as ice flowing through my veins when it helps make me feel bold,
Cold cash from a small gold stash brashly sold for lost money doled,
 are those fast dancing answers given when I'm rapidly being polled!
Cold needs a
 warm band-aid to freeze a bleed the lying costs has tolled?

Cold is a blank poker stare without glare on a great hand I won't fold!
 as a broken pledge to boost a bets hedge into some bar type of gold!
 went that freak hot betting streak turning a honey pot into mold!
 was that slight smirk shown throwing dice when Snake Eyes I rolled.

Cold could be a feeling I'm dealing with as a result of being bought and sold?
Cold and gone high standards I pandered as they meandered from my hold!
Cold as I behold the gambled fortune foretold by never doing what I'm told?
Cold as the cockles of my Soul once burning since it froze and I've gotten old?


A Frozen Cold Soul
By; Chochee Medina
(A.K.A) George Martinez / QC Poet
An Empathy Slacker

Photo Credit to; Author's photo taken at Binion's on the Las Vegas Strip.

This was the Oldest challenge unfinished left I found on my list.

Write a free verse about 'COLD' in any way you can imagine. It's not limited to weather or illness. Let's see what things we can come up with.
No deadline.

1. Pandered; verb: yield (to); give satisfaction to
2. Meandered; noun: a curve in a stream. (verb): to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course
3. Cockles; the core of one's being usually used in the phrase warm the cockles of the heart.

From = The past tense of toll is tolled.

Club entry for the "Cold" event in "The Fabulous Free Versers Club".  Locate a writing club.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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