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Back In The Day

by Cecilia Lynne1

So often I now hear my peers refer to and say
Do you remember? Back in the day!
Does that mean I'm getting old?
I guess I am at seventy-six and have now
Earned my Rite to reminisce.

As a child, and than well into my early teens
When in the presence of my adult family
I often had to sit, be seen and not heard
Today by many of our youth that is viewed as being absurd.

Even though I could not have my say
I learnt what it meant to respect and obey
I heard interesting conversation, from my prominent spot
I remained quiet, listened carefully and mentally absorbed a lot.

I was mentored by many of those adults
And respected their wish
Especially when they requested me to pray
At the dinner table over every dish.

I went to school everyday,
I rarely fought with siblings or friends
I learned on whom I could depend
But often knew how to get my way
With most of them during play.

Back in the day with teachers, family and fans
I gained a discernment of whom I could trust
And today, I thank God that I made good decisions
Without too much of a fuss.

When home, I loved my neighborhood
There was so much arable land at hand
In those days it was deemed safe
For us to run and play
In the woods together for hours each day

My friends and I we also loved to swim
We often ended our play
In the ocean not too far away

Neighborly adults who lived at the shore
Now looking back their memories I adore
They diligently looked out for all of us,
Some of them while fishing at the waters edge
Most of us listen to their voice
And obeyed whatever they said.

We were taught to thank them before going home
As adults they often called our parents on their phone
Even though ownership of telephones were few
By the time we got home,
From where we had been, our families knew

If I was late, I knew that my fate
Hung in my parents hands.
I also knew that they could not take my day of fun away.
No matter what they planned
So I sometimes chose to pay
The punishment price,
For my parents gave me that choice

There was going to be no more play until
I did things my parents way
With lots of added chores to complete
My punishment often lasted for more than a week
Today when I look back I have very little regret

So thankful I am for family and friends
Back in those "Good Old Days!"
That has helped to mould and pave my ways
Into whom I am today. Many a lesson learned
over many "Rite of Passage" earned.

The Good Old Days writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem about "the good old days" as you remember them. Any type, at least six lines

Just a grateful glimpse into my past.
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