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Her Return

by DragonSkulls

Epic Fantasy Story Poem Contest Winner 

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

My mother feared the worst and fled,
two daughters at her side.
We rode the steed for days on end
to find refuge to hide.

She never gave her king a son,
an heir to rule his land.
And death, the price for such disgrace,
my father's own command.

Within the Dragston Forest mud
I wept where we were found.
The soldiers slayed my twin and mom
then turned to strike me down.

Perhaps it's fate that horrid day
the wizard came along,
and saved the little four-year-old
from those who feared no wrong.

They burst in flames within his spell.
Not one soldier returned.
He reached and told me, "Fear not, child,"
while savagely they burned.

He took me in and raised me well,
as if I were his own.
He taught me strength was all I need.
Upon this truth, I've grown.

The years passed by and what I've learned
are skills that few men hold.
A mastery of speed and stealth.
Like ghosts, is what I'm told.

Behind me I have warriors
who'd follow me through all,
respecting any vengeance sought,
a kingdom meant to fall.

A castle guard fell to my blade.
Her armor's perfect fit.
This guise allowed my passage in,
quite smoothly, I'll admit.

I made my way into the hall
where as a child I played,
so keenly planning my escape
the moment debt is paid.

My shadow stretched along the bricks
that wall torches create.
The knights that guard his chamber doors
met silently their fate.

I slowly crept beside his bed
that's made of crafted oak.
My sharpened steel was at his throat
the moment he awoke.

"I knew some day that you'd return.
This comes as no surprise.
You're lovely as your mother was
and also have her eyes.

"I'm sorry, child, for what I've done."
The last words that he said.
I thrust the sword into his neck
and watched him as he bled.

I vanished in the darkened night
as swiftly as I came.
Now honor once again returns
to my dear mother's name.

With vengeance for my sister's death
through demons I release,
now both their souls are free to rest
in everlasting peace.


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