Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted January 21, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
A defiant taunt to all control freaks.

Come...Live my Life!

by Aaqib Naeem

Consensual, utmost surrender.
To the wisest, to the all-knowing!
Born perfect; with the singular purpose of raising the bar
Born to perfect even the concept of perfection!
Come, come...
Come; live my life!

The most graceful beings to ever walk the earth
Nay; not walk like us mere mortals
You soar and glide to wherever you desire to be
I, in my individuality, am nothing
You, in your omniscience, outshine all
Come, come...
Come; live my life!

Why bother using such condescending tones?
Why waste your breath so needlessly?
Here I stand; head bowed in defeat
Yours to claim, yours to command
Come, come...
Come; live my life!

Make me walk the way you like
Make me talk the way you want
Make me choose whatsoever you fancy
A dream come true; is it not?
Master puppeteers that you are!
Come, come...
Come; live my life!

Casually, utterly heartless.
Blind to others' misery and pain
The bookkeepers of the moral code
Self-appointed judges of peoples' characters
Yet, sweet as sugar if it serves your purpose
Come, come...
Come; live my life!

Self-loving narcissists at their peaks
You love hearing the sound of your voice
Bitter to the core and hollow within
Bound to serve your inflated egos
Here's another heart for you to destroy
Another desire for freedom for you to deny
Just another rebellion for you to quell
Do not make me wait when you have all the answers!
Come, come...
Come; live my life!

Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry


Author Notes:

Some people seem to think that they are so damn perfect in making life choices for themselves and everyone else around them as well that, they become paranoid control freaks. Only "their" way is the right way and anything you choose for yourself especially without their consent is scoffed at. The idea of 'live and let live' is a foreign concept for them.

So, in its essence, this is a work that originated from my desperation. When I had had enough of the toxic environment created all around me by such people. This was also a way for me to vent and get that anger out along with the message that my life is my own to live and not yours to live through me!

The taunting aspect of this poem is meant as a rebuke and a firm no to those epitomes of perfection on earth.

P.S. image was taken from google.
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