General Fiction posted January 5, 2021

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Some things, good or bad, live with us forever.

Lost Love Never Forgotten

by Begin Again

Short story Contest Winner 


Beads of sweat rolled down Charlie's sun-burned face. 


It was another sweltering day, but he didn't notice. Sitting on the patio, staring at the water, lost in thought, was Charlie’s everyday routine for the last 5 years. For a few seconds, he’d take a deep breath, soak in the morning sun, listen to the water lapping against the shores and then open his eyes, allowing gut-wrenching darkness to replace his one moment of calm.


Every day, he would remember.


It was their anniversary; a day from Heaven. The warm, glistening sun danced across the water’s surface.  Layla, his beautiful bride of 2 years, insisted they celebrate with a picnic on the boat. Charlie was against it, but he could never resist her. He was putty in her hands.


As the tiny dinghy drifted, the couple laughed, kissed, toasted to their future, and revelled in their love. Wrapped in the moment, neither noticed the threatening storm clouds until strong gusts of wind began rocking the boat violently.


Layla struggled with the sail. The boat tipped from side to side, tossing everything including Layla overboard. Charlie’s chair was bolted to the floor. Panic overtook him. Helpless, he screamed, clawing at the boat’s edge until he could scream no more. 


The fast moving storm was gone and so was his Layla. 


 A blaring siren, somewhere in the distance, jarred Charlie’s thoughts.


 His nurse understood. She patted his shoulder and pushed the wheelchair towards the house.


“If only …” 


“I know, Charlie, I know.”

Writing Prompt
Write a short fiction story (250 words beg/mid/end) beginning with the sentence 'Beads of sweat rolled down Charlie's sun-burned face.' Create your own title.

Short story
Contest Winner


Our greatest memories give us blessings, but also unintended sorrow.
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