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First Geoff's Mixed Ramble for 2021

A chapter in the book Geoff's Ramblings

A Lot Going On!

by Sankey

I decided on this way of adding more to my book "The Little Dog That Wouldn't Let Go" I just got finished, so as not to leave things "up in the air" and me still feeling I had to add more to my story.
I have been meaning to share another Ramble for a while. So much to share, from a "plethora" of areas.

The pictures below are not in the same order as the subjects of this chapter.

I was cruising through Facebook some months ago and came across a fantastic idea for a Christmas present for my sweetheart, Louise.
Actually, it was a useful item for us both - a stove cover fashioned from wood and with handles.

For years we have been using plastic cutting boards placed on the stovetop as a base for the electric frypan. The boards were all different sizes and not really very stable. So imagine my delight when I discovered the beautifully fashioned timber stove cover.

Admittedly, a stove cover was probably only one purpose for these boards. All made to measure and with bevilled edges in a number of different designs, I could choose from. It also came with another plastic sheet that would protect it from the heat of the frypan, sitting on it during cooking.

Regular readers will be aware of different things Louise and I do, separately and together.  I had to choose one of Louise's days out, to have the special Christmas present delivered in her absence. After it came I wrapped it in "Chrissy" paper and hid it in a cupboard behind my out-of-season clothes.

She was impressed with the gift.

Our stovetop, as per the picture, is just a glass top with the hotplates inside. One thing we have to be careful of is not to accidentally turn on any of the hotplates when items are resting on the top, during non-cooking times. Brushing up against the stove-front can sometimes cause one or more of the hotplates to turn on.

This has occurred twice since we have had a new range.

In its early days, a friend was visiting and helping with cooking lunch. Prior to the commencement of cooking, we had one of those plastic cutting boards I mentioned earlier ON TOP OF THE STOVE! A hotplate was inadvertently activated and the plastic board began to be "welded" to the stovetop!.

Fortunately, we were able to disengage the melting cutting board from the hotplate without any damage resulting. You guessed it! The same thing happened to our precious, brand new stove cover. The plate underneath started to burn the bottom of the stovetop cover. We are so thankful it was not a major burn, only on a small part of the underside of the board.

Some might say, "why not have the controls at the head of the stove at the back?" Unfortunately, this would prevent Louise from reaching the controls from her power chair. Still very independent, my sweety does a good portion of the cooking for us. 

I recently acquired a "Walker."  Some of you have met my "Shillelagh" or Irish walking stick. It has been a great help to me getting around. I am not sure if I have told the story of the stick but maybe another time.

As good as the walking stick has been, the walker is so much better and much more supportive in my walking efforts. I had actually decided I needed to cut back on walking for several reasons. The walker has changed all that, as I can go back to more walking and I am able to stop and sit whenever I need to, now. I love it! 

At the Podiatrist, a few weeks ago I made a tremendous discovery. The "SOCK HELPER!"
For many years, due to Arthritis and aging, I have found it more and more difficult getting socks on. Imagine my delight at knowing there was such a thing I could use to assist me in getting my socks on! I recommend it to everyone. You pull each sock over the wide prongs and get it all the way on the sock helper but not over the top. You then insert each foot in, up to your toes, making sure the sock heel is in the right place. Then pull the attached cords on each side of your leg and voila! The sock is pulled up. Do the same with another sock. One less bend I have to do! Glory!

Our National Government has been giving some cash grants because of COVID-19 as an incentive to support the economy. I had been desirous of purchasing a new multi-purpose camera for more videoing and photography. After pricing various cameras I settled on a Nikon a1000 Coolpix Camera.  I got a good price and "Sco Mo" (a nickname for our Prime Minister's) grant money was a great help. I also needed a charger for the battery in the camera and I wanted spare batteries. The camera's battery charges quickly but I wanted spare batteries and to be able to charge them externally. The charger was quite unique in having the ability to be plugged into many different kinds of A/C outlets with a suitable plug depending on the country system.

Nikon is quite strict on the kind of outside adapters you attach to them and these may not work with the camera if not genuine "Nikon" brand. I had found that out when I was "out and about" one day and wanted to charge the camera battery. Alas, the lead or the external charger was not compatible and I was thankful I caused no permanent damage to the not-so-cheap camera. Hence the need for more compatible batteries that fortunately worked with the camera. After all, I think the battery in the camera is not even "genuine" Nikon brand as it only has a Nikon sticker on it.

We have had these special cups for a while that would fit in the cup holder in the car. Most of you know we no longer drive so Louise was using the cup here at home.  One night the carer had washed the cup up. Louise wanted a drink so I began to fill the cup. Shock, was leaking all over the place. For the very first time, I realized the cup had an inside part to it! The carer for the very first time had removed the inner cell from the cup. I won't make that mistake again!

Many have read the continuing dramas of the loss of my key labels from my computer keyboard. As posted recently I now have a solution to the problem. These wonderful Keyboard covers. From what I have been reading, I am not alone in the frustration of keys being wiped off. I am so glad that is finally over.



Photos:1.Louise' cup. 2. Secret inside.
3.Keyboard Cover. 4.Sock Helper.
5.Walker. 6. Battery Charger.
7.Stove top.
8.Stove cover protector. 9. Stove Cover.
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