General Poetry posted December 9, 2020

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Seeing Through Your Heart's Eyes

by Cynthia Adams1

In a hospital waiting room
In midst of a rainy day
I heard a little girl squealing "vroom"
As she pushed her walker my way.

She giggled as she rang her bell
Her bright eyes, olive green
She took a step and nearly fell
I startled with a jerky lean.

She just smiled and struggled straight
For her, a normal daily task
Of course, I wondered of her fate
Her Mom was there ... I didn't ask.

A stealthy boy of maybe four
Both curious and bold
Snuck alone through open door
Touched her walker, made it roll.

The little girl just giggled sweet
He asked her for a ride
She made space on her little seat
He fit with feet astride.

They moved together like old friends
It made my heart feel warm
He saw her through a healthy lens
Like her braced-up legs were norm.

His mother came and pulled him out
As if their joy weren't real
Bit my lip so I wouldn't shout:
"What's your f**king deal?"

To me, this was a happy day
I smiled through the week
These kids will lead a better way
They don't think, "What a freak!"


What Makes Me Happy writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a RHYMED poem, minimum three stanzas long, on what makes you happy. Any rhyme scheme, any style - from a sonnet to a quatrain. NO FREE VERSE.

This is a true story, exactly as I remember it. The little girl's walker had four wheels and surrounded her like a big petticoat.

It was many years ago and these kids are probably in their 30's now but I still remember them and smile. I have to believe they have retained what was best in them. It would make me too sad to think otherwise.

I don't have children myself. What makes me most happy is to believe that the generations who follow us will be kinder, gentler, more accepting and will recognize the value of life, in its various forms. What I see as I talk to kids and teens I meet here and there these days, cheers me and continues to make me happy and hopeful.

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