Self Improvement Poetry posted December 6, 2020

This work has reached the exceptional level
Letting go

Truth is Best

by Cogitator

Writing for me is great escape
But it carries stronger intent
Indeed, it must create a shape
With good meaning in its content

To shape the mind of audience
By sharing words and taking time
Words must make song, they must make sense
What other purpose for a rhyme?

Hearts and flowers are not for me
Although I sense the desperate need
Agape Love is ours for free
It is boundless, no need for greed

So, when I write, I really strive
To pass my view to all others
A miracle - to be alive
We're all family - sisters, brothers

Our own Ego creates the lies
Because it has bad attitude
Look at our life with loving eyes
Let's bend our heads in gratitude

Let's not wallow in ignorance
Enjoy the life of human "being"
Learn as we go, regain balance
And soon, heaven, we'll be seeing

We are Spirit in human flesh
Basking sublime in Life's story
Reject Ego, begin afresh
Live forever in the glory

If we believe absurdities
We fail to use our Common Sense
We then commit atrocities
It's time to drop all the pretense

When we dig deep within our soul
We find the love that unites all
The truth is not in some dead scroll
Faulty beliefs cause our downfall

We're Avatars of our Spirit
It works the same for everyone
The uninformed tend to fear it
Once acquiesced, life has begun

Our bodies are temporary
Our ego is the transgressor
The past goes to cemetery
Our brain is just word processor

We project scenes from Here and Now
Thought's the Big Bang of our MindSpace
We can change them using know-how
To see heaven, Truth we must face

No experience is ever lost
That must be true to have memory
Spirit records without exhaust
We're only forms of energy

Our lives are like moving pictures
Each frame depicts a frozen thought
They are not meant to be fixtures
Many are just what we've been taught

If we take role of director
We can edit final version
Gather the truth as collector
To then begin our conversion

Cutting room floor for every lie
Discard the pains of ignorance
Behold Heaven with inner eye
That's what creates Deliverance

The question is who will attend
The world premiere of Honesty
It makes a path we can ascend
Ignoring it is travesty

Once we accept we're here to grow
Our projections become boundless
Our minds blossom by letting go
Reject the chains to make progress

Eventually we come to know
Our Holy Grail can run over
Truth sets us free to overflow
Excess will cause the changeover




I would truly appreciate knowing how this resounds in the reader. Thanks

"We should stop kidding ourselves. It's always better with the Truth." Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by Regina E.H-Ariel at

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