General Poetry posted November 17, 2020

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Wizard contest entry

The Queen's Love

by DragonSkulls

The Wizard Contest Winner 

They gathered in the courtyard square
to witness her demise.
The queen was on the guillotine,
the price for all her lies.

King Langston spoke condemning words
of loyalties betrayed.
The crime of infidelity
now warranted the blade.

The queen would not give forth her love
nor speak his name at all.
The knights and peasants stood in wait
to watch the iron fall.

The king then told his sorcerer
to cast a magic spell,
so she'd reveal the lover's name
she swore she would not tell.

The wizard knelt before his queen,
her face was traced with tears.
He softly whispered soothing words
to calm her rising fears.

He stood and turned to face the king,
"Today she shall not die.
I need no spells to know her truth.
The man she loves is I."

Pure anger filled King Langston's eyes.
He bellowed out in rage,
and ordered knights in his command
to seize the tyrant mage.

He bid his executioner,
beneath the hooded mask,
to loose the rope within his hands
and carry out his task.

The wizard reached with outstretched arm
and magic caught the blade,
then ripped it from the guillotine
through power he displayed.

It caught ablaze while floating there
and burned in flames of blue.
The wizard, too, rose in the air
and hovered in their view.

The bravest knights to royalty
charged on their king's behalf.
The wizard spun the blade around
and cleaved them all in half.

"I'll kill them all, " the wizard yelled,
"Your armies can't prevail."
King Langston knew his words were true
and surely they would fail.

The queen stood up and faced the king.
The silent peasants stared.
"How dare you claim disloyalty,
as if you ever cared.

"Too often your own passion sought
a younger maiden's bed.
But once you found I too need love...
you try to take my head!"

The king arose, his saber drawn
with aim to run her through.
The wizard flung the burning blade
and hacked the king in two.

The sorcerer then took a knee.
"The kingdom's yours, my queen."
He slowly looked into her eyes
that sparkled hazel green.

She softly smiled and grabbed his hand.
"Get up, you silly fool."
She kissed the wizard tenderly.
"The kingdom's ours to rule."


Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any length or style about a wizard.

The Wizard
Contest Winner

I created this picture myself from a few different Google Images.

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