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an object from the past

The truth-showing

by Iza Deleanu

Future archeologists Contest Winner 

As they were strolling on the beach suddenly, they have seen a shiny circle sticking out of the sand. The two figures approached the object with caution. Lately, this beach has been flooded with strange debris from the past.  Their king asked them to inventory everything they find and to try to classify them for posterity. One of the figures stopped in front of the circle, and afraid kneeled and started studying the glittery thing, closer.

- Fran, what do you think it's this?

- I do not know. It is something round and shiny. Can you dig it out?

- Fran, I do not know! What if it is contagious?

- Leo, don't be ridiculous! Nothing can kill us. We are the superior beings of this planet. Plus, with our protection and clearance, we are above anyone else.

- Then if you are so excellent and special, why don't you come over here and dig it up yourself.

- Okay, I am coming. Move aside.

Fran carefully rigged out the shiny object. It had some crystal flowers around, and the handle was made of redwood. He stopped for a second to admire its beauty caressing the flowers. Suddenly the sun blinded him with the reflection from the object. Fran stepped into the shadow of the old castle and look straight to the center of that strange object.

-Look, Leo, I can see my face in it. Man, I am so ugly with this oblique hat. Why haven't you told me that I look so ridiculous? Are we all like this?

- How could I? You are my Boss.

- Okay, now we know. So, what do you think is this object?

- I don't know. Let's go and check the scrolls from our library. Maybe we will find a clue. It’s funny how many secrets are hidden in that building. The oldies did one thing right, the library is the best invention even if is kept in a very strange format. The scrolls are so chic.

- Leo, this is a fantastic idea. I will put this thing for now in my pocket, so it doesn't break.

The two beings entered an old and ancient building full of scrolls top to bottom. Leo looked overwhelmed. Fran felt so happy and empowered in this old and mysterious building.

-Fran, you know how much I'm not too fond of this building; there is so much knowledge in here that is overwhelming for me. I hope you don't expect me to go through all these scrolls.

- Leo, don't be afraid. We don't have to read anything. I need to put this thing on that table over there and then activate the searcher.

- Man, I missed the orientation class, thank God; you were the one who liked to study, otherwise, we would really be reading through everything. Okay, let's do it!

Fran put the shiny circle on the table and then press a small device on the table's left side. Then he closed his eyes and started to sing a short incantation. The object begins glowing and levitates in the middle of the room. Suddenly one scroll flew above the item and gently landed on the table, followed by the circle.

Fran and Leo open the scroll and look at the image. A beautiful lady held an object identical to the one they found on the beach in her hands. They started to read the name of the item: M-i-r-r-o-r, which shows your face and body - praised by some and hated by others.

-Fran, why would some people love it and some not immensely?

-Maybe because if it shows you how you are, sometimes it's not a nice image. Remember how you reacted when you saw your hat.

- Aa, yes, you are right. We will call this object the truth-showing. People from the entire kingdom will come and pay their respects.

-Listen, Fran, maybe we should hide it. We don't want people to see themselves as they are; what if we start a war because of this?

-Leo, you are right. Let's put it back with the scroll. Let the future deal with this! Just take a picture and added to the inventory list. Our mission is done here.  Bye, bye truth-showing thing.


Future archeologists
Contest Winner
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