Fantasy Poetry posted November 3, 2020

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Flights of Fancy & Other Things

by Y. M. Roger

Arriving home
right there I spied,
a golden key
with dragon’s eye!
What wizard’s pouch
did it fall from?
Was he quite old
or very young?
Could be, mayhap,
the key belongs
to Saphira
from Eragon?
Would not that be
the biggest boon..?
Magic keys to
enchanted rooms!
Maybe a troll
just happened by,
stubbed his big toe,
began to cry…
Then reaching for
his handkerchief,
he dropped his key
to quell a sniff.
Hold on! I know…
a leprechaun
met with his shrink
right here at dawn…
They sat and talked
‘til afternoon
when it fell from
her pantaloons..?
Now there’s a thought
not rated ‘G’
Best not pursue
that fantasy…
Hmmm… wait a sec,
the gold’s rubbed off!
And over there
I hear a cough…
I should have known
that little imp!
He faked the key,
made me a chimp…
Or is it chump?
Heck, either way:
Little brother
ruins the day!




Hello all! This is the nutty blonde having a bit of fun with the CUBE16 format developed by Robert Zimmerman. Here, I've used 3 CUBEs (by his rules) and probably not as many polysyllabic words as he would like, but, hey, the election was today... I didn't need any more stress!! LOL! A brief synopsis of his rules is as follows:

Each line has 4 syllables only.
Each stanza has four lines, thereby, 16 syllables.
Each stanza rhymes in the abcb rhyme scheme
Each CUBE consists of 4 stanzas. However, stanzas can be "stacked" in order to write longer works.
Tell a story. It can be silly, serious, or anything. Just tell it like Aristotle said with a beginning, middle, and end.
Use polysyllabic words. Stretch your imagination to use strong verbs and descriptive words.

Thanx for the fun format, Sir Robert, and thanx to all of you for reading my musings and meanderings!

** Saphira is Eragon's dragon from the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. She is the last female dragon in Alagaesia outside of the Eldunari kept by Galbatorix. [If you've not read the series, please avail yourself to the fantastic fun. Oh, and the movie, Eragon, RUINED the storylines: just read the books!! ;)

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