General Poetry posted October 25, 2020

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Its an acquired taste

Sorry, don't like stinky cheese

by Brad Bennett

The eminent scientist Dr. Harold McGee
Tells us why some hate Stilton and Brie
Why Limburger, gags us
Stinking Bishop snags us
They see it as spoilage you see

He explains why some hate Camembert
Why the taste they continually compare
With the smell of wet socks
Put it back in the box
Take it away, the taste we can't bear

The cheese makers were now in a snit
They hated the comparison to s--t.
Put it back on the table
The doctors a fable
He must take back his story and quit

Now Harold's not bossed by big cheese
He'll not be brought to his knees
But the makers pulled their ad
And his sponsors are mad
And the money was starting to freeze.

Now Harold's the biggest cheese guy around
In his book their recipes abound
There's Limburger on his plate
The Stinking Bishop he ate
Oh, oh, Harold's nowhere to be found


Not funny but funny writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a humorous or silly poem about something you dislike. Any style of poetry is welcomed. Length is up to you. See announcement for ideas.


Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, Brie are great, love it.
But Sorry, but I really do not like stinky Limburger, or STINKING BISHOP! Thats drawing the line.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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