Commentary and Philosophy Fiction posted October 16, 2020

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Future in disguise

The future

by Iza Deleanu

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

Everybody was screaming: "Freedom! Freedom! Equality! Socialism!"

I was the ghost of the past. I was looking at them with pity. Fools they don't know what they are asking for. They think that they will have money and everything they want without work.

For once socialism is good, people will be forced to work if they want to eat. There will be no more freebies! The stupid Leader gave them a false image. They can ask me, I know how to live with you, but you guys don't!

There will be no drugs and marijuana, you should be happy if you have some bread and water. Electricity will be available from time to time and forget about the property you will own nothing, your house will be full of strangers... because you have to share the space.

Trips to exotic places? Maybe just for your leaders. The only trip will be work and school! A, and you will work Monday to Sunday, the maternity leave will be only three months, and you will have to learn to respect your elders. What a wonderful life!

Take a good luck at North Korea, because the wave of bullshit is coming. Maybe before you embrace the new order, you should take a trip there to get a taste first hand of what is coming!

You are happy that you have discovered the free-range chickens, you will have their previous life: confined to one place. They will feed you grass and you'll be happy to have something to eat.

They stopped chanting and started to chase me. " Who the fuck are you? Why are you ruining our party? And why are you wearing this dark disguise?"

"Dark? Well my friend dark is the new order! I am your future. Take a good luck at me, I am your socialism in disguise! Your stupid leaders for the sake of eternal power, they offered you to me. Rejoice this will be your last protest, you stupid people! Once I'm in power, you will do as I say. Freedom? You will have it just in your dreams!"
"Who are you?"
I stopped and dropped my disguise. They gasped: "You are Kim?"
"No! Idiots, I am Xi Jinping short for ... King!" 


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