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Deadly Prisoners Are Boarded Upon a Military Transport Ship

A chapter in the book Predators: Training Days

Predators: Training Days Pages 1-4

by -KTP-

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

Hundreds of hard core male prisoners yell and cheer at two deadly looking prisoners in the middle of a fenced off sunken, blood stained pit. Military guards are spotted heavily equipped with guns trained down on the crowd from above the spectators.

A large heavily scarred bald white monster of a man grins wickedly at a smaller white man, SIMMONS, who stares down the big man without flinching. Simmons squats down low as the big man charges.

The big monster lurches to grab him, only to be greeted with a quick up spring from Simmons. Simmons head catches the big man hard under the chin. The crowd roars in both approval and disapproval with the attack. The big man wobbles back and glares at Simmons hard.

Simmons again squats down close to the ground. The bigger man approaches Simmons more cautiously this time. When he gets to within a few feet of the squatting Simmons, he charges at him hard. The squatted Simmons easily rolls to the right as the big man misses him. Simmons quickly jumps onto the big guy's vulnerable back.

He quickly gets his hands around the big guys neck, and strangles him. The big man growls and tries to throw him off, but cant. He slams him into the blood stained walls but Simmons hangs on. Eventually the big guy falls to his knees and passes out.

Simmons rolls off of him and looks up to a windowed booth high above the crowd. He stares at them hard as he grabs the big mans unconscious head and snaps his neck. The prisoners roar their approval, as a few hard core prisoners glare down at Simmons.


Numerous military uniformed prison guards are tapping away at computer terminals and watching over medical life meters. Eight life meters are still beeping strongly, as eight other meters are flat lined. An older grey haired general, GENERAL FIX, looks down at the staring Simmons as a younger uniformed female, LIEUTENANT VERMONT also looks down at Simmons, and grins wickedly.

LIEUTENANT VERMONT: That is the last of them, General. Shall I activate their cyanide implants?

GENERAL FIX: No. I have other plans for these survivors. Have the prisoner transport ship, Pandora, prepared. I want all of these winners transferred to Normandy ASAP. And Lieutenant! I want you handling this... personally.


Lieutenant Vermont quickly hurries out of the booth as General Fix checks out her ass as she leaves. He grins and shakes his head.

GENERAL FIX: So sweet, and yet so deadly!

He looks back out the window as Simmons is seen getting shot with a tranquilizing dart and dragged out of the blood stained arena. The prisoners yell in rage and try to climb the fenced ring only to be zapped with electricity.

GENERAL FIX (CONT'D): Oh do I have a surprise for all of you.

General Fix smirks and marches out of the booth.


The still bloodstained Simmons wakes up groggy in a sterile white prison cell. The cell is separated by a large see through plexi-glass walls on all sides but the back.

He looks to his right and sees into the next cell at another inmate. A large scarred African American prisoner, ZEUS, who glares back at him.

SIMMONS: Well if I had known I was moving, I would have packed my toothbrush.

ZEUS: Welcome to freedom.

Simmons is distracted by a large white inmate slamming into the plexi-wall to his left. LEFTY snarls at Simmons in rage.

LEFTY: Well now. You finally woke up. I can't wait to rip your limbs off! One by one!

SIMMONS: Lovely. They even gave me a welcoming neighbor.

Lefty slams his body again against the plexi-walls.

SIMMONS (CONT'D): Easy now. I am sure your brother would not want you to maim yourself before you get a chance to kill his killer.

LEFTY: It will be so sweet to see your blood seeping through my hands.

SIMMONS: Pick a number kiddo. I am sure there are more then you who want me dead.

Lefty slams his arm into the wall one more time and sits onto his cot. Zeus grins as Simmons stands up and looks out into their prison.

ZEUS: We are mid transport. That is all I have been able to get out of the guards.

SIMMONS: We are on a ship?

ZEUS: You can tell with the random reverberations in the floor. The power fluctuates every two and a half hours.

SIMMONS: Pretty observant for a prisoner.

ZEUS: I was not always a prisoner. I did my military stint as an engineer, before fate set in.

SIMMONS: I see. Last thing I remember was killing this brute's bro in the freedom games. I take it you have a similar story?

Zeus nods.

ZEUS: All of us were winners in the games.

SIMMONS: Ain't life grand.


CAPTAIN HERNANDEZ, late 30's Hispanic man, walks into the bridge and looks over his flight crew. JASPER LEVVET, the ships navigator looks over his control panel. JASMINE DOU, the ships tactical officer nods to the captain as he enters.

ETHAN LOWES, the communications officers is deep in heads sets over his control panel.

Second in command, ANGELA SWIFT, quickly gets up from the captain's seat as the captain enters.

All are wearing military uniforms.

ANGELA: All has been quiet so far captain. Per your request, Ethan has been keeping his ear open for any incoming commands from General Fix.

HERNANDEZ: Good. The less we hear from him, the better. Jas, have you run a
diagnostic on all the ship's weapons and defenses? I don't want any hiccups on this trip.

JASMINE: Weapons and Defenses are running like clockwork. Unless Jasper runs
us into an asteroid or comet, we will be fine.

JASPER: Just for that I will do a flyby along the way.

Jasmine smiles.

HERNANDEZ: Stick to the route. I want to get rid of this cargo ASAP.

JASPER: Don't like fifty of the world's deadliest criminals and terrorists crawling on your ship, Captain?

At least that hot red head came on as well. I could look at her for days.

Jasmine rolls her eyes.

ANGELA: Something about that woman that does not sit right.

HERNANDEZ: She is the General's daughter. Another inconvenience. As for the prisoners, they are not crawling yet so lets keep it that way.


This is a fan-based sequel movie I am writing for the Predator cult fan genre films. Who knows, maybe it will be picked up and made into an actual film sequel one day! A fan can always dream!
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