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The Hardships of Meditation


by -KTP-


ANGLE ON: A Japanese zen garden. A bamboo deck leads from
two bamboo sliding screen doors, and steps down to a white
sandy beach. A small walking bridge is built over a quaint
koi pond.

ANGLE ON: The pair of sliding bamboo screen doors. Light
comes on behind the right screen door as a silhouette of a
person is seen approaching it from behind the screen.

The silhouette opens the sliding screen door. Enter a middle
aged ASIAN MAN wearing a traditional Buddhist monk robe.
The Asian Man enters and smiles in excitement as he quickly
checks his robe for something. Upon feeling it, he quietly
walks out into the deck and closes the door behind him.

A slight breeze rustles rose bushes growing near the now
closed bamboo sliding door, allowing a faint sound of the
thorns scraping against the door's wooden frames.

The Asian Man walks out onto the porch, down the steps,
across the small koi bridge, and finds a nice cozy spot in the
white sandy beach to kneel down. He settles himself, closes
his eyes and meditates quietly.

The breeze picks up as the sound of a nearby wind chime
begins to sound. Ignoring the new sounds, the Asian Man continues to rest in

Sounds of children's running feet begin to be heard.

ANGLE ON: The two closed interior lit bamboo doors. Two
smaller silhouettes are seen zipping about behind the screen.


TOMMY: Quit crying!

LITTLE GIRL: Give it back! Or I'm telling Mom!

TOMMY: No you won't! Mom ain't even here!

LITTLE GIRL: Give it! Give it now!


Sounds of a scuffle can be heard as the two small silhouettes
are seen wrestling behind the screen door. The meditating
man continues to meditate.

TOMMY (CONT'D): Ow! You bit me!

LITTLE GIRL: Give it back!

A light comes on behind the left side screen door, as a large
silhouette of a Young Man appears to be waking up from a nap.
More steps are heard as the new silhouette stands and opens
door to children's room.

YOUNG MAN: Cut this racket out! I was trying to sleep!

The children stop mid scuffle.

TOMMY: She started it!


The girl fights for the item again. The silhouette of the man
in the other room moves to the children's room, grabs
something from the boy and gives it to the girl.

YOUNG MAN: Here! Now take that doll out of my sight!

The children scurry out of the room. The children open a
door which releases a silhouette of a small loud barking dog
into the room. It yelps to be let out of the house

YOUNG MAN (CONT'D): Oh come on!

Enraged, the humanoid silhouette opens the sliding screen
door to let the dog out into the garden. The man is still a
silhouette to the audience. As soon as the dog is out, he
slams the door shut, and then returns to his room. The newly
awakened young man walks back and seems to sit down in the
room behind the left screen door which is now lit.

ANGLE ON: The Dog as it sniffs around the rose bushes,
digs up some flowers, and relieves its self in the newly
made hole.

ANGLE ON: The Older man who is deep in meditation despite
the added noise.

ANGLE ON: The left screen door again as the Young man sits
down, clicks something on, and the sound a computer turning
on can be heard, overlapping a bit with the slight breeze,
rose bush scratching, and the chiming of the wind chimes.

A blue square of light is seen through the screen door as a
computer monitor pops on. The typing of keys is added to the
collection of sounds. Random sounds of a movie, or video game,
can be heard on top of the hum of the computer, and sounds
from the yard. The silhouetted image of an arm is seen
reaching up and new multi-colored small specs of lights
appear, as loud music begins to poor out of the room to add to
the noise.

ANGLE ON: The Older Man, who is still quite content and at

ANGLE ON: To a view of the right garden wall as red and
blue colors quickly flash by, and the sound of a police siren
wailing adds to the sounds bombarding the audience.

ANGLE ON: To a view of the garden sitting on a corner in
downtown New York. The Audience is flooded with more new sounds,
adding to the constant noises varying from the slight
whispering breeze, to the sounds of cars driving by, and
urban city life.

ANGLE ON: The Old man as he continues his deep blissful

A loud rumble is heard as the noise of thunder rolls forth
adding to the frenzy of noise. Dark clouds can be seen
forming in the dusk sky. Bright flashes of light illuminate
the zen garden as booming thunder immediately follows
sounding louder then the first. Sparse rain droplets cascade
down upon the meditating man, hitting all that is around him
but missing him for now.

ANGLE ON: One falling drop as it plummets upon a telephone
wire hovering over the garden. The drop slowly runs down the
side of the wire and continues to plummet into a branch of a
peach blossom tree standing directly above the meditating old
man. The water drop slowly forms, and drops from the bottom
of the branch. It then releases only to land on the
meditating man's head.

ANGLE ON: The Older Man as he feels the droplet, and looks
skyward as the rain begins to hit his face. He smiles at the clouds.
He then reaches into his pocket and removes a small object.
As he finds the object, he notices the dog waiting patiently beside him,
bouncing with fright over the booming thunder.

ANGLE ON: A hearing aid, as it is placed in his right
ear. The dog barks loudly as soon as it sees the man placing
his hearing aid. The Old man's smile wavers away into a long
drawn out sigh. The man gets up and enters the house through
the sliding screen doors with the dog zipping through his
legs for shelter against the rain.

ANGLE ON: The recently closed bamboo doors as the older man
and dog's silhouette fades away from the right side door.
The left door remains illuminated, revealing the silhouette
of the young man and his raucous actions as the rain cascades down on the yard, quickly flooding the once beautiful garden, and the sound of rain overwhelms the other sounds bombarding the audience.


I wrote this piece to be animated, but I can also see it well as a live piece.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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