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An African American college student fights his own racism.

A chapter in the book Shady Hollow

Shady Hollow Sample Pages 1-4

by -KTP-

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

A small sparsely furnished, dual bed, college dormitory room, with a 30 inch TV sitting on a milk crate. Two young African American men are sitting in the room. One student, REESE, is deeply wrapped up singing lyrics to a modern rap song as he listens to his cheap stereo, while the other student, TY, who is wearing nice designer clothes, sits with his back to Reese, deeply entrenched in a college text book in the back corner of the room. Ty sits at his nice designer desk trying to not be annoyed.

TY: Can you turn that crap down. I am trying to study here.

REESE: Crap!? Jesus Ty! You must be the only black man on this planet who don't appreciate rap.

TY: Try Fats Domino, or Muddy Waters. Those are the musicians we should be appreciating.
Rap is just another way to keep us all marginalized.

REESE: Maybe you should look in the mirror one of these days.
Just because your mammy is rich, don't make you better then the rest of us.

TY: Rappers only thrive on drugs, music, and hoes. Eventually they all crash and burn.

REESE: Uh huh. Well you keep at those books mama's boy. I am sure the ladies will come flocking...
By the way, Professor Thurblood called. Said something about needing to see you in his office.

TY: Professor Thurblood!? Why?

REESE: Fuck if I know. What am I your secretary!?

TY: Well did he tell you when I should meet him?

REESE: Saturday at noon. Oh and he told me to tell you not to be late.

TY: Fuck! That is today! Thanks for the fucking heads up!

A flustered Ty hurries to gather his books as he runs for the door.

REESE: Better run, butter boy.

Ty hurries out the door as Reese glares at him hard. Ty's face twisted with rage.


The office is richly decorated with African American paraphernalia. A few plaques lie behind his desk depicting various civil rights awards and recognition. A middle aged black man with glasses is seen sitting in his chair as he over looks a paper on his desk. There is a school coat of arms on the wall which depicts Xavier University, a black Musical Catholic college in New Orleans. He is interrupted from his reading by a rapid knock at his door.


Ty comes in wheezing from his long run. He leans against the back of the guest chair to catch his breath.

PROFESSOR (CONT'D): You're late.

TY: Sorry. Apparently my roommate does not know how to keep a decent phone message.

PROFESSOR: Sit down.

Not liking the tone, Ty sits quickly.

PROFESSOR (CONT'D): I will make this quick...
I have looked over your final paper, and I must say, I am very disappointed.

Ty sinks further into the chair.

PROFESSOR (CONT'D): I do not need to remind you that this paper is 30% of your grade,
now do I?

Professor Thurblood holds up his paper and adjusts his glasses to read a passage.

PROFESSOR: 'We live in a racist society, brought upon us by our white and black forefathers, and constantly reminded of us by our own black heritage.'

The professor looks up from the paper.

PROFESSOR (CONT'D): And that was the only redeeming, interesting comment in this 28 page
ramble you call a thesis paper.

TY: I can explain!

PROFESSOR: I did not call you here for an explanation. I called you here to warn you that if you do not turn in a redeeming paper, backed by actual facts, and some actual field research,
you might as well pack your bags and go home.

The Professor looks at Ty and softens up a bit. He reaches into his desk and pulls out a pamphlet brochure.

PROFESSOR (CONT'D): That being said. I have a potential solution
for you. You do want to graduate, no?

TY: Of course.

PROFESSOR: Then I suggest you listen very closely. Take this flier and setup some time for a little road trip. I want you to visit this hotel and do some field research on how
prevalent racism is now a days. Shady Hollow is a quaint little hotel, which was a former slave plantation. I want you to spend some time there and rewrite your thesis around what you find...
You have one week son...
Not one day more. We have an understanding?

TY: Of course.

PROFESSOR: Now get. As you can see I have other papers to grade.

A defeated Ty leaves the office.

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