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For this contest you are challenged to write a Quatrain poem. A Quatrain is a poem that has four lines and also has a specific rhyming scheme.

An Example:

The mountain frames the sky (a)
As a shadow of an eagle flies by. (a)
With clouds hanging at its edge (b)
A climber proves his courage on its rocky ledge. (b)

- The Mountain by Donna Brock

In the example above the first two lines rhyme (a) and the last two lines rhyme (b)

The word quatrain comes from Latin and French words meaning "four." Your poems stanzas must have four lines. There can be multiple stanzas. It must rhyme. The rhyme scheme is up to you.

A few examples of a quatrain rhyming scheme are as follows:

  1. abab
  2. abba (envelope rhyme)
  3. aabb (as shown in the example above)
  4. aaba (chain rhyme)

We are keeping the topic open. Write about anything using this format.

One entry per person. New entries only. Quatrain poetry only (must have a rhyme scheme and each stanza must have four lines).

The winners will be selected by the FanStory.com Contest Committee. A winner will be announced approximately one to two weeks after the deadline passes. The decision is final.

The winner takes away a $100 cash prize. All writers will receive feedback for their submission.

Deadline: Contest is closed. Deadline was Wednesday, December 14, 2011.

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