ABC Poetry Contest

Poetry Contest
For this contest you are challenged to write an ABC poem.

  • Write a one-stanza, five-line poem.
  • The first letter of the each of the first four lines follow the order of the alphabet while the last line can be any letter whatsoever. For example, a poet might choose to use the following letter combination: D-E-F-G-A.
  • The lines may be of any syllable length. Also, line length may vary from line-to-line.
  • The poem may be about any subject or topic.
  • Rhyming and meter are optional.

As sunrise leaves me speechless, winter morn
breathes blossoms, etched in gold, on window pane.
Creation iced in splendor, spring is born,
despite the calendar, I entertain...
a frosted filigree of daffodils.
"Frosted Fantasy" by Irish Rain

More information at Poetry Dances.

Write about anything using this format. An ABC poem usually only has one stanza. But we are keeping the format open. You can submit a traditional ABC poem or you can include additional stanzas. If you include additional stanzas they must follow the ABC format but not necessarily the same starting letters.

The winner takes away a $100 cash prize. All writers will receive feedback for their submission.

Deadline: Jul 25th

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