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There is always a market for a great script. Once you understand how to format your script you can write an amazing script with ease. FanStory only had 17 ranked script writers last year so now is your chance to not only write sripts but compete. We are keeping this contest wide open. Write a script of any size (can be a small script as shown in the example) for any medium on any topic. We will only accept properly formatted scripts. However, it is not necessary to center your script. So formatting as follows is welcomed and recommended for this contest.



A row of moving boxes lie on the floor of the room. They are drawn up in crayon to look like a miniature Western town. The bedroom is lined with cloud wallpaper giving the impression of sky.

One of the boxes has a children's illustrated "WANTED" poster of a Mr. Potato Head taped to it.

A MR. POTATO HEAD DOLL is set in front of the poster. The VOICE OVER of ANDY, a 6-year-old boy, can be heard acting out all the voices of the scene.

Alright everyone, this is a stick-
up! Don't anybody move! Now empty
that safe!

A GROUP OF TOYS have been crowded together in front of the "BANK" box.

Andy's hand lowers a CERAMIC PIGGY BANK in front of Mr. Potato Head and shakes out a pile of coins to the floor. Mr. Potato Head kisses the coins.

Ooh! Money. Money. Money.
(kissing noises)

A porcelain figurine of the shepherdess, BO PEEP, is brought into the scene.

Stop it! Stop it, you mean old

Quiet Bo Peep, or your sheep get
run over!

The companion porcelain sheep are placed in the center of a Hot Wheels track loop.

Heeeeelp! BAAAAA! Heeeelp us!

The winner takes away a $100 cash prize. All writers will receive feedback for their submission.

Deadline: Mar 15th

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If a word count is not specified above there is no word count requiment. Recommended length is 5,000 words or less.

This contest is open to all members. Past contest winners can join the contest. One entry per person. New entries to the site only. If you already posted a work on FanStory.com that work is not eligible for a contest.

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Deadline: Monday, March 15, 2021 at 11:59pm EST.

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