ABAB Poetry Contest

Poetry Contest
For this contest you are challenged to write a ABAB poem. ABAB is a poem with a specific rhyme scheme. It's a simply rhyme scheme that is: a-b-a-b. The pattern can change each four lines as long as the abab format is kept as shown in the example.

    The people along the sand (rhyme: a)
    All turn and look one way. (b)
    They turn their back on the land. (a)
    They look at the sea all day. (b)
    As long as it takes to pass (a)
    A ship keeps raising its hull; (b)
    The wetter ground like glass (a)
    Reflects a standing gull. (b)

    Excerpt from Robert Frost's poem, 'Neither Out Far Nor In Deep.'

The winner takes away a $100 cash prize. All writers will receive feedback for their submission.

Deadline: Contest is closed. Deadline was Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

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