Way Out There

Otherwordly adventures and considerations.
by BeasPeas
Contest Entry - Story Poem
Chapter 1

Bald and Bushy

Posted January 22, 2015
Humor / Poetry
222 views | 11 reviews

Certificates Active: None

A spoof on the color green ~ Contest entry
Chapter 2


Posted July 24, 2015
Humor / Poetry
171 views | 13 reviews

Certificates Active: None

Just for fun
Chapter 3

Beach Ball Buns

Posted July 9, 2016
Humor / Poetry
187 views | 30 reviews

Certificates Active: None

Kirk saves the universe ~ 2nd place winner
Chapter 4

Captain Kirk And His Women

Posted September 6, 2016
Humor / Poetry
234 views | 12 reviews

Certificates Active: None

For Star Trekkies everywhere
Chapter 5


Posted November 29, 2016
Humor / Poetry
199 views | 29 reviews

Certificates Active: None

Limerick for Marvin Calloway (Fanstory)
Chapter 6

A Limerick for Marvin

Posted December 27, 2016
Humor / Poetry
185 views | 23 reviews

Certificates Active: None

Contest Winner
Free verse with rhyme ~ Contest Winner
Chapter 7

Bending The Fabric of Time

Posted December 27, 2016
General / Poetry
208 views | 10 reviews

Certificates Active: None

My favorite TV commercial - A poem
Chapter 8

Sweet Sumo ~ Geico Star

Posted December 28, 2016
Humor / Poetry
197 views | 37 reviews

Certificates Active: None

Use these words contest ~ 2nd place winner
Chapter 9

Stashed Cash

Posted February 1, 2017
Humor / Poetry
194 views | 11 reviews

Certificates Active: None

The real reason UFO's visit Earth.
Chapter 10

Avocado Addiction of The Greenies

Posted February 12, 2017
Satire / Fiction
172 views | 32 reviews

Certificates Active: None

A horror tanka
Chapter 11

The Watchers

Posted March 4, 2017
Supernatural / Poetry
199 views | 30 reviews

Certificates Active: None

Please read author's note first. Thank you.
Chapter 12

R & R in New York

Posted July 12, 2017
Humor / Poetry
147 views | 16 reviews

Certificates Active: None

A poem
Chapter 13

Sans Undies

Posted July 23, 2017
Commentary and Philosophy / Poetry
64 views | 32 reviews

Certificates Active: None

A rhyming nonsense poem just for fun
Chapter 14

Down In The Bog

Posted August 12, 2017
Humor / Poetry
136 views | 33 reviews

Certificates Active: None

Poem for a kitchen sponge ~ 2nd place winner
Chapter 15

Ye Old Sink Sponge

Posted August 28, 2017
Humor / Poetry
156 views | 14 reviews

Certificates Active: None

A winter ode - 5-7-5 ~ 2nd place winner
Chapter 16

Stuffed Up

Posted December 15, 2017
Humor / Poetry
79 views | 12 reviews

Certificates Active: None

A lune poem contest entry
Chapter 17


Posted July 7, 2018
Humor / Poetry
97 views | 30 reviews

Certificates Active: None

A rhyming poem
Chapter 18

Satellite Number Four

Posted September 3, 2018
General / Poetry
51 views | 29 reviews

Certificates Active: None

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