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Poetry Writing

At FanStory you have a home where you can share your poetry, get feedback and learn. A poetry website that helps poets learn and make contacts.

Learn from feedback that will be written on every poem that you share. Great for experienced poets or someone just looking to share a poem or two for the first time.
Enter poetry contests for free. Over $5,000 in cash prizes will be awarded this year. That includes the Tanka Poetry Contest contest with a deadline . And the 3 Line Poetry Contest contest with a deadline . Don't miss the True Story Flash contest with a deadline . View the full listing. All contests with cash prizes are free to enter with your membership.
A poetry website with poets of all skill levels. When you share your poetry you will get feedback from other writers. Now you can share your poetry and learn.
Enjoy the community and make friends. As you post you will grow a fan base that will follow your poetry and anything else you write (such as a book).

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