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Gender: Male
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Joined: April 2006
Zorman32 is a poor man, knowing that his sufficiency is not a result of his own effort, but rather a gift of a benevolent God. He is almost transient at present, as almost all areas of his life are being reworked. He has little educational background beyond high school many years ago and enough college to know he couldn't earn his keep and do well in higher education while managing a family. He is a Christian man, though often does not feel compelled to thrust his opinions and views on others, his views and opinions about his faith compel him to share them with those bound and bruised in their own existence as a means of offering what assistance he can in their escape of torment.

He has realized that volumes upon volumes of literary work that he has written over the years have become lost forever due to the transient nature of his life over time. Paper and boxes tend to decay and get lost or destroyed.

While assuming no validity or importance, he does not write for the advancement of others, as if he were some modern oracle, or divine light from God, rather he writes his works online as a secure method of storage...a place where he can place his thoughts and later retrace his life should he desire to do so from time to time. That can happen at a public library, at a friends house, at an airport on a borrowed laptop for a few minutes maybe. But God being good has allowed him to maintain comfort and ability in spite of financial and technological demands that come and go like the tides of the ocean.

Many people seem to appreciate reading his works wherever he tends to drop them, and that terrifies him immensely, as he understands the consequence of errant instruction, as well as apparent misrepresentation that may occur in his haste to write, as well as the liability for leading people astray in their own lives. Even so, he writes. Being absent minded, and sometimes very unwise in decisions made along the way, he feels compelled at moments of clarity and insight to write his thoughts in a place where he can return and review them for their validity, and once reviewed and accepted, he remembers, if he rejects the work, he subsequently revises it...although the process of review and revision happen rarely, it has happened often in the past.

His works are not for sale, and probably never will be published. But then that is not the reason he writes in the first place. He considers his work largely community property, to be shared, enjoyed, accepted, or rejected at the readers sole discretion. He may or may not be swayed by criticism, depending on the validity of the logic and evidence presented in criticism of his work. It has also become very evident that people are going to take away what they will and some will spin off into assumptions that have nothing to do with his writing. Someday he hopes to be properly understood...just like everybody else on the planet.

You have stumbled across the library of a common man trying to live life in the face of the all seeing eye of God. Zorman32 has found that he has need of a savior in everything he does, and so it seems that his work centers on his interaction with God...with a few exceptions...he is after all only human.
What is it that the Lord requires of thee, but to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God.
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